Why My WINDOWS VPS Is Better Than Yours 10

Good Windows VPS offers some great features. Buying Good things are easy to find Windows VPS is just one thing. Keeping it up is another. After You can configure your service by purchasing it. Windows VPS or RDP Server.

1. Security Measures In Windows VPS

You It is important to always seek out a safe service. Not only for your security, but also for the safety of everyone around you. Internet Users; I will now explain. It It doesn’t matter if there are sensitive data on your server; it is important to keep your services safe.

There Is a virus named after the author? BotnetHis virus infects hosts and then uses the service to attack servers. Even It will be difficult to understand until you receive a suspension for violating an abuse report you did not file.

In In this instance, you are the victim because you failed to do everything you could to ensure your safety. Even with all the steps described below, your service’s security will not be 100%, but you certainly can increase it to 99%.



What Are The Methods To Keep Your Service Safe?


The The default port for the RDP in this case is 3389. Ports Hackers can use your password to access you. Change it to something you are familiar with, then the next time you connect, you will be able to crack you. Windows VPS: You would add the port number to the side of the Ip Of the server.

Any In connections, default information is dangerous. Just As the RDP port Windows Servers Have a default username. It is: Administrator. So You can rename the file in the Computer Management section.

Hackers Never forget to use dictionary attacks to try and hack your password. In this method, the hackers have a long list of passwords and test them to find your server’s password. Now You can create a long and strong password, which includes special numbers and letters.

  • Do It is not Choose To Remember Password

Suppose If a friend asks, you will agree to use your laptop. In In this case, it is important to look at the person and, if you don’t, they may log into your server accounts with your forgotten password.

  • Use Anti-Virus And Anti-Malware

On The InternetTherefore, we visit many sites. These Sites may contain trojans or botnets that can spread malware and other viruses. We You may not be able to recognize some viruses after years of use, so make sure you have an anti-virus and antimalware.


Fast Windows VPS Service


2. Improvements In Speed This is The Windows VPS


Being Servers can also be slow due to lack of resources. Before I purchase Windows VPS: I make sure I have everything I need. Windows Which operating system should I use for VPS and why?

For For example, configuring and controlling a mail server requires different resources from browsing within the server. So If you already have an account, Windows VPS, verify the resources and, if needed, upgrade.

  • Check Your Own Internet Speed

To A smoother connection with the server is important, along other criteria. Internet Connection because you’re connected to the RDP Server Through Internet.

VNC protocol allows you to connect to your desktop via a remote connection. It is however very slow. Instead Use RDP instead of VNC to establish a faster and smoother connection with the server.

  • Check Location Of Your Server

It Better to select a locale of the Server Which is close to you. All The nodes are the points where packets between you and remote servers move. If your position is far from the server, your packets will need to travel through additional nodes.

3. Preventing Somethings

Do Avoid downloading or using anything you find in unknown sources. Internet It is an environment that can be described as a large city. There are both good and poor people. As It is safer to not walk in isolation on lonely streets, unfamiliar roads, or along the sidewalks. InternetWebsites that don’t seem trustworthy or have unclear functions are not recommended.

4. Improvements In RDP Connection

It It is possible to lower the quality of animations or screen in order to speed up the connection. This will allow for a more smooth connection via RDP. To Do this before you connect. Show options In the remote desktop application Then Go to Display Tab to select a smaller screen.

AlsoBy choosing to use the Modem Option in the Experience tab.


In We have provided important tips and tricks to help you improve the quality of your services in every aspect. These steps are simple; you can do them yourself, and you don’t need a specialist to do this for you. Even if you don’t know how to do them, you can ask the support agent of your provider to do it for you.

Consider You can also take other complicated steps in order to protect your data. Windows VPS services are good but they should not be sufficient to ensure your security. What What are some other options? Windows How can VPS service owners maintain their server’s quality?

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