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There The following is an example of how to use forwarding ports:

  • Port Sending PUTTY Apply

NOTICE: You Click on this link to download the Putty Software


 SSH Port Forwarding With Putty


You can now do port forwarding, You can choose from the following types of port forwarding:. To Start the SSH forwarding port PUTTY software requires you to first install it. install Install this program on your Operating System. ThenAfter running the putty you can continue with the steps as shown in the photos.

Local Port Forwarding PuTTY


SSH Forwarding Port Using Putty


Like The photo is located in the upper-left corner. Session tab: You can type in localhost or your IP AddressYou can enter port numbers if you’re in the right place.

For example: Localhost > Webiliciousvps.com ; Port number > 22

Port forwarding in putty

Source Port And Destination Address


As As you can see, the image below is a representation of that. According To go to the CATEGORY tab you will need Select the Local option On the left, the address is displayed Connections / SH / Tunnels

  1. You will need to input the port number at SOURCE PORT Section and enter the destination address in the Destination sectionYou will see this in the photograph. For Example: Destination >; Source port > 3380 )
  2. Click The ADD The right side of this page SOURCE PORT Section
  3. After Completing the second portion and including the destination address and source sections; Now You Port forwarding can be done using LOCAL mode with the OPEN option at the bottom of the Putty software, you can start the port forwarding process in local SSH

Note: we can start port mapping The remote and dynamic mode too, like all steps that you have seen last time on LOCAL mode, but we have to change the type of connection, then we are ready to go :


Port forwarding in windows 10

On Remote Mode


Port forwarding using Putty Dynamic mode

On Dynamic Mode


Open Firewall Port To Port Forwarding On Windows ( Using Firewall )


Port Forwarding In Windows 10 Using Firewall

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