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In 2004, Cloudflare Two people started working together when I first began my career. Matthew Prince And Lee Holloway:

Matthew Prince And Lee Holloway We set out to find the answer to this fundamental question. “Where does email spam come from?” They A system was created that allows anyone to see how spammers have harvested email addresses. And Guess what? Project Honey Pot The birth of the first child.

Project Honey Pot Over the years, quiet growth has occurred. Lee’s flexible architecture adapted to track more web administrators’ threats. Thousands Participation was confirmed by more than 185 countries through websites. While Users loved Project Honey Pot’s ability to track online malicious behavior, they had one repeated request: don’t just track the bad guys; stop them.

In 2009, Matthew To get his MBA, he took a break from full-time employment. Harvard Business School. There He was met Michelle ZatlynEnjoy! Cloudflare’s Chief Webiliciousting Officer. One The two of them spoke on the same day. Matthew mentioned Project Honey Pot and the amazing user community. Michelle Instantly, the potential to build a service of this nature was recognized. Project Honey Pot To the next level: Tracking Internet Stopping threats The The business plan was created by classmates.

One The first order of business was the creation of a name. The The first business plan was called “Project Web Wall,” However, it was not a common sentiment. A friend Matthew’s suggested that they were creating a “firewall in the cloud,” So it is important to know about Cloudflare.

  • The Their story is not over. To increase security and speed, they added a third service. Cloudflare Its current value is approximately $ 5 Billion

What Is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare It acts as an intermediary between the website and its user, increasing site security and speed. Content Delivery Network (CDN), is an acronym for Content Delivery Network.

It This person is responsible for splitting a copy the site content among different CDN locations, and then sending the data to the requested location from the nearest CDN. ThenHigh speed web display can be achieved by the CDN nearest to you.

In fact: It This refers to how far you are from the geo-political conditions. Internet The low speed InternetThe site owner and visitor are connected by a third party called.


How Does Cloudflare work?

Suppose A site is created and installed on a server. AmericaYou can use Cloudflare to distribute your content. A visitor comes from Japan Comes to your website. In In this case Cloudflare We will not transmit your site data to the Netherlands The Japanese visit because of the distance between Netherlands And Japan It is more difficult to load your website if it’s located in a remote area. Japanese visitor.

Cloudflare Send your data from the nearest geographic location JapanIf your website is located in a CDN zone, it will load quicker for users who are from different areas. Cloudflare This makes it possible to load your website up to 40% quicker and is more secure than ever before.



Is Cloudflare Suitable For Any Users In The Web World?

Except For a group of people Cloudflare Anyone can use it: If If you have a website, Cloudflare This is a great option, however, if your goal is to be a web developer, a CDN should not be used. It will store files in a cache and prevent you from seeing any changes that you made.


Easy Ways To Create Cloudflare Account!

Note: To You must have internet access in order to create an account Gmail Register and log in to your account Cloudflare site; In The following will provide a guideline for creating an account. Cloudflare account.

Create A Cloudflare Account

1. Enter Change your password or check your email

FirstEnter your email address in the field provided and create a new password. Note You must also observe the rules for creating strong and secure passwords.

2022 04 11 11 20 24 Cloudflare 2

2. Need To Enter Site Domain

Now Click on the link to enter your domain name. Add Site section.

2022 04 11 11 20 24 Cloudflare 3

3. Select The plan type

Now Click on Continue to select the plan type.

cloudflare 3 844x1024 1

4. Set Up DNS Records

This You will see section in two different ways under differing conditions. If When a domain is associated to a host, its DNS match will be automatically. But If it’s not connected, manually change the DNS from the control panel. Then Click here Continue.

cloudflare 5

5. Setup NameServers

After Configuring the name servers, and items as recommended in section 1 and 2 You Click on: Done, Check Nameservers.


Cloudflare Free Performance Solution


  1. CDN = Global Network Reduces requests to origin and lowers bandwidth consumption Exercise Increase your cache hits and control the content being cached.
  2. Load Balancing = Most Load balancing is necessary for high traffic sites. It This is essential for server operations as it helps to speed up network activities and improves efficiency. It It’s difficult to forecast the volume of requests that will reach the server.
  3. Intelligent Routing = Reduce Pages load quickly with efficient routing that responds to network conditions. Cloudflare They can route 32 million HTTP requests per seconds to network routes, which gives them insights into how they can avoid congestion and improve reliability.
  4. Video Stream Delivery = Cache You can quickly deliver video via HTTPS, which saves bandwidth while delivering video to viewers in other regions.
  5. Website Optimization = Improve You can see how the site looks by changing page resource order and image sizes.
  6. DNS = Benefit from the world’s fastest DNS and top-notch redundancy. Cloudflare Provides 100% network uptime and DNS resolution at the edge of the network.

Note: If You should know more about CDN. You You can find the entire article here Webilicious entitled: What Is CDN And How Does It Help To Website?

Cloudflare Free Security Solution


  1. DDOS Protection = Cloudflare Protective always-on technology detects and reduces attacks in less than three seconds. Blocking Attacks from the network edge decrease latency and keep traffic flowing fast.
  2. Cloudflare SaaS = Encrypt customer data, shield applications from data breaches, and easily manage customers’ websites and SSL certificates at scale.
  3. Page Shield = Defend against attacks aimed at your customers by monitoring your site’s JavaScript dependencies to protect confidential user information, including credit card details.
  4. API Shield = Secure Your APIs With mutual TLS/scheme validation Deploy A positive security model is used to identify legitimate traffic and remove credential stuffing.
  5. WAF = Cloudflare Web Application Firewall Draws Cloudflare Threat intelligence comes from many sites. 32,000,000 requests are made per second. Thanks The Cloudflare network’s scale and speed, any rule changes deploy globally in seconds.
  6. Bot Management = Defend Anti bad bots that can be used to scrape content or credential stuffing. By Machine learning Cloudflare’s strategy evolves to stop the most advanced bots while keeping legitimate traffic flowing.


Note: It Be aware that WebiliciousAccess to NVMe SSD storage space at various locations. Raid System version 10. Can Provide you with high quality virtual servers To You can provide the server you want, or refer to our buy VPS page for more information and activation.


Introducing unique features of Cloudflare

In We will continue this article to discuss unique characteristics Cloudflare Makes available for users and web sites, we’ll review each case individually to help you become familiar. Cloudflare:


1. Analytics

To You can view statistics and the current status of your website by using the analytics option. You Five of your website statistics can be monitored, including performance, security and workers.

Analytics Cloudflare


Traffic Section: We have three tabs, requests, bandwidth and unique visitors. These provide statistics and information about visitors and bandwidth consumption, as well as user requests.

The You will find the top-trafficked countries in the section.

Note:  The Threats Tab is now in a different section. Cloudflare service.

cloudflare 7


Security Section: In This section is where you’ll check for safety. You You have three choices: Threats By CountryYou will see threats, rate-limiting, and threats.

The Rate You can also block URLs from other requests and suspected hackers, security threats, as well as the whole site from such requests.

cloudflare 8


Performance Section: In This section shows the distance between the total and the user. Internet Conditions of traffic Cloudfeller The fastest and most convenient way to send a request for the display of a site to users.

You You have 3 options. Client HTTP Version Used This is the first, and it shows the various HTTP versions. Bandwidth The amount of bandwidth saved is shown as saved. Content-Type Breakdown Type Shows The content of your site. This includes CSS and what it contains.

cloudflare 9


DNS Analytics: The Section DNS Analytics You can see the total number of requests that were sent to your DNS within the past six hours.

cloudflare 10


Workers: In In the final section you’ll find additional information like SubrequestsTotal requests, bandwidth and status codes You The server will respond with the codes 200 and 404.


2. DNS

DNS transforms the domain name into an IP address, so the browser can load that site. DNS allows you to stop saving IP addresses for too long. ThereforeSites can be accessed by just remembering their domain name addresses.

You You will be able to see all DNS records for your site. Usually, all documents are visible automatically. However, if the record you desire is not listed, enter its name. Then You will find the IP section. You You will need to log in to your IP server. After To do so, click the Add Record option.


3. Email Routing

Create You can create custom email addresses to serve your domain, and send incoming mails to the mailbox you prefer.



Here We have 4 options. The first will allow you to select four different modes for your SSL. In Overview is the first section. Here you can find four types of SSL connection. They have names that are safe, flexible, complete and strict.

But The second half of the article allowed you to go in greater detail. Use SSL; We can view two different plans. Basic Certificate Advanced certificates; In In the second case you may have more choices and so it might be a better option. However, consider the cost of $ 10. In In the third section you will be able to request your private key as well as specifying the validity of your SSL certificate.

The The fourth section is about origin. You can continue if you wish to use TLS SSL on your origin servers.

Note: Note The second section offers more options. These include TLS 1.3 (a newer version of SSL) and HSTS (a newer version of HTTPS). You Access to the internet is also available Opportunistic EncryptionAlso called HTTPS 2.
If These items can be used if you already have the infrastructure.


5. Security

This Part of security is related to firewall. You will have access to settings regarding firewall and DDOS/attack. Bots.

6. Access

Works To enforce default-deny compliance, you should consult your endpoint security platforms and identity providers. Zero Trust Access to private IP spaces and corporate applications is restricted by rules. Access A section allows users to be connected faster and more securely than using a VPN.

In Simply put: You can run your internal applications with no VPN.


7. Speed

There There are three major tabs within this section. Overview option: This Like the sections before, option gives an overview of the contents. Speed ​​tab gives you specific capabilities, but in the second option, called OptimizationThere are many sections. Each To speed up the site, one must complete specific tasks.

The The most crucial options are listed below brotliImage resizing; Auto minify; amp Actual URL. And finally, Mobile redirect. By The following options can be activated: You can use your main site URL instead of the browser address; the loading time for HTTPS is faster or you can optimize the files using CSS and JavaScript Source Code.

In The third option allows you to see your site visitors without having to change the DNS.


8. Caching

NextThree sections make up the caching tab; however, only the first section will be called OverviewSee also, for a more detailed explanation on caching. The Second part of the package will offer configuration options with many main options.

In This section includes setting up the crawl time for the pages, and setting each page to the always-online option. It is a useful option if the site crashes or you don’t need the Always-Online mode. Cloudflare Temporarily, however, you may use Development The mode option will allow site data and other information to be sent directly to the user by using the main servers.


9. Rules

The Rules Section offers all of the same capabilities as the preceding steps but you have the option to place all previous actions on one page, and then specify the pages that they are located. Caching Section is not available for the requested URL Or Then, change it Cashing Time to access a page.

By Having the Rules You will be able to personalize each section in a better way. Cloudflare It is possible to organize your sections by the functionality on your site. This is great!


10. Network

Manage Network settings for your site; Settings for HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 (with or without QUIC), 0-RTT Connection Resumption, IPv6 CompatibilityPlease see the following: Response Buffering.


11. Traffic

The Main advantage of the Traffic Tab allows you to use certain features to manage site inputs.

The Argo The traffic tab contains optimized routes that cross the country in a section Cloudflare Network to reduce loading times, improve reliability and lower bandwidth costs

By You can use the load balancing sections to reduce latency and route visitors to the closest or most accessible pool.Dynamic Steering); You You can monitor your own health by creating an account. Health Check.


12. Custom Page

In This section explains how you can Customize This is the error page Customize The Basic Security, Managed ChallengeYou can also customize your response to visitors.


13. Apps

You You can also add plugins or features. Cloudflare; Each Each plugin will offer its own unique features while being compatible with other plug-ins. Cloudflare service.


14. Scrape Shield

In This tab will offer three options. The first is to stop spammers and bots from misusing your website emails. The You can also hide particular content automatically from so-called unrelated or unreliable visitors in the second part. FinallyThe third section allows you to secure your images against off-site hyperlinks.


15. Zaraz

Zaraz It is an innovative feature in Cloudflare Please refer to the next section Cloudflare Company has been mentioned

“Cloudflare Zaraz (beta) gives you complete control over third-party tools and services for your website and allows you to offload them to Cloudflare’s edge, improving the speed and security of your website. With Cloudflare Zaraz, you can load analytics tools, advertising pixels and scripts, chatbots, marketing automation tools, and more in the most optimized way.

Cloudflare Zaraz is built for speed, privacy, and security, and you can use it to load as many tools as you need, with a near-zero performance hit.”


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