Warning: These 5 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Windows 10

Like Any system, anywhere in the world. You need to be aware of your surroundings. Windows Operating system. It You can’t do everything you want. Your system must work correctly. ObviouslyYou can be an expert if it is not a problem.

This It doesn’t matter if your system has a Windows VPS, Windows ServerYou can also call it: Desktop Windows. In This article will discuss some of these tasks that should be avoided in each of the listed systems.

1. Not Updating The Webiliciousting System

Some People still believe that it is a good idea not to allow automatic updates once the operating systems has been installed. There There may be other reasons. Some Think that automatic updates may be too costly. Some You should not think that an update will cause a crash of the operating system.

And Some people believe it will cause slowdowns in the operation system. All All of them are totally false. Updating There is no extra charge for bandwidth. We upload many images, videos, and Emojis every day to social media. Every Day we are Inside Youtube Netflix. Be You can be sure Youtube More bandwidth is charged than Windows updates.

And till now, I’ve not seen that updating crash the operating system. And You will also not be affected by updating. Windows. Updating It is great in certain aspects. By Keep your profile up-to-date Windows Anti-malware systems will be capable of protecting against viruses and new malware. The Your operating system’s bugs will be fixed.

And New features will be added to the software Windows This Microsoft Developed for you. SoPlease do not disable the automatic updates and allow it to do its work.



2. Modifying Windows Folder

Inside It is the driving that Windows One has been installed. Windows folder. The This folder has many useful items. Windows Without them, it is impossible to function. For One example is: System32 folder. This folder contains executable and dynamic library links (DLL) files.

These Important files Windows To operate properly If If you delete any of the files and folders you’ll face other errors. You may also not be able turn your computer on completely or correctly. AlsoYou will get an error saying that the DLL file has been deleted. What You should immediately seek medical attention if you become infected with a virus Windows file?

In In this case, you must not attempt to delete files from your computer in an effort to eliminate the virus. Windows files. The This issue can be resolved by using antimalware and antivirus software. If it is not solved, you may reinstall your OS.

3. Not Monitoring Your Resources

After You can buy Windows A VPS server or an a Desktop You should monitor and maintain your personal computer system. As a support agent, I’ve received many reports that VPS & RDP users complain about the slowness of their servers. When After checking I discovered that the servers had been infected with a crypto trojan miner using server resources. The The client could not use the service because of the 100% CPU utilization.

In You can contact your support agent to resolve the situation. However, what happens when you try to access your computer from your home? The answer is that you should always monitor your system through the task manager and track the suspicious services and tasks if you don’t have any anti-malware installed.

Once Once you have found the suspect task, it is easy to find its path and eliminate it. And Anti-malware software can be used to get rid of it if that is not possible. Malwarebytes This is what we will do for you.

4. Not Using Antivirus And Antimalware

There Many trojans, viruses and other malware are available online. Viruses Your information could be stolen, your system may not work properly, and so on. Different Viral infections are created for many reasons. The Important note: None of these are made without good cause, therefore you should always be prepared to defend yourself against them.

If You are browsing the internet constantly Internet Anti-virus and antimalware are essential for all reasons. Unless Your system may be infected, which can cause other problems. Viruses Anti-malware is different from malware so it’s important to have both anti-malware as well as anti-virus.

Unfortunately, Windows It isn’t as secure as an Operating System like LinuxTherefore, you must make some preventive steps. As An anti-virus is the Windows Anti-virus software is recommended for use in the home. Malwarebytes It is one of the most recommended platforms.


Protect your Windows VPS


5. Editing Registry File

The The registry file is at the core of everything. Windows Operating system. This This is the place where users, settings and file formats can be found. There You have several safe options for modification inside. Windows Setting itself is fine, however the registry file has many settings you cannot modify.

You You can access the registry file via regedit.exe If Any wrong modification to the registry file can lead to other problems. Windows To operate properly So If you still wish to make modifications, first backup the registry file, then proceed with your modifications.


All We all have our jobs and careers which are important to us. Many people work from home or via a computer. Many Most of us store important information in our computer systems. Perhaps we’ve worked long hours, days or even months to get those data.

Truck drivers protect their trucks from damage. Our Our truck is the computer So don’t leave your system to god and do something to protect it unless you’ll lose your time and maybe your job.

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