Top 30 Google Chrome Extensions: Facilitate Your Freelancing Work 10

How much time do you waste searching Google for apps, tips, and tricks that will help you make the most of your freelancing experience? Or do you prefer relying on traditional methods and still use paper dictionaries?

Here’s a trick:

You can boost your efficiency without even leaving your browser! Google App Store has thousands of tools that will make your work faster and easier. This article will highlight 100 Google Chrome extensions that you can install for successful freelancing. No priority is given to any of the extensions; they are listed in alphabetical order.

  1. AdBlockOne of the best extensions for Chrome, which removes all distractions by blocking irrelevant pop-up and context ads. Now you can stay focused on the content of the website.
  1. rates among the top Chrome add-ons dealing with scheduling. You can attach new notes, rearrange items, and even transform your emails into work tasks. iPhone and Android browser extensions are also available.

    Top 30 Google Chrome Extensions: Facilitate Your Freelancing Work 11

    1. Assistant.toIf your freelancing experience involves meeting people, will make your scheduling much more structured. With this time tracker, you will always find the best meeting availability for both you and your client.
    1. AuthyAuthy is a mobile app that you can download as an extension if you have concerns about the security of the online sites you visit. With Authy, you can enable two-factor authentication that will protect your data.
    1. Auto Text ExpanderAnother one on the list of must-have tools for writers. It will give you the ability to configure shortcuts for any word or phrase. This can help you out when you have to meet writing deadlines.
    1. Awesome ScreenshotIf you use the screenshot function for saving images for your writing, you can edit and annotate them with the help of this extension.

    Top 30 Google Chrome Extensions: Facilitate Your Freelancing Work 12

    1. BitlyIn 2017, it’s embarrassing to use long links on your blog or in business emails. Bitly is an extension every freelancer must-have. Create short links, save, and share your content without leaving the browser!
    1. BlipshotA useful extension for web-designers and translators. If your customer wants to know how your work for them is progressing, just push the Blipshot button and take a screenshot of the browser.
    1. Boomerang for GmailThis is one of the best tools for freelancers when it comes to correspondence with customers. You can schedule your letters to arrive in your client’s mailbox exactly when you need. Besides, you can control your own invoicing and follow-ups.
    1. BufferIf you like scheduling your updates to social networks or need to share information with clients, you can install Buffer on your toolbar to show them what page you are reading.Top 30 Google Chrome Extensions: Facilitate Your Freelancing Work 13
      1. Cently (Coupons at Checkout)Have no time for shopping when you work? Cently will show you goods available from more than 600 retailers. Now, you don’t need time management techniques to find a minute for fashion.
      1. Checker Plus for GmailDo you have several Gmail accounts for your work? If so, Checker Plus is the ultimate solution. It lets you access any of your accounts, and it will even read your mail to you.
      1. Chrome NotepadThis is the quickest way to write down your ideas when they strike you without leaving the browser.
      1. Chrome Remote DesktopIt is not a rare case that you have to take a break from solo project management and work on a team. So, you may need to share your partner’s computer from a distance. None of the tools is easier to use than this one. The desktop will even let you use your chrome extension android app.
      1. Chrono Download ManagerIf you already have online storage, you can quickly download, upload, and share your files with Chrono Download Manager.
      1. Click & CleanYou can clear all your data with one click. Click & Clean provides immediate access to cash, cookies, and extensions. Moreover, you can test how well you are protected.Top 30 Google Chrome Extensions: Facilitate Your Freelancing Work 14
        1. ColorZillaIf your job involves graphic design, this extension is for you. It is an eye-dropper that allows you to get color data from any site whatsoever without having to use other applications.
        1. DayBoard New Tab and Site BlockerA very convenient way to transform your tab into a schedule with 5 major issues prioritized on the agenda.
        1. Diigo Web CollectorStriving for personal and professional development? Diigo will let you bookmark, store, and comment on all the information you consider useful for your job.
        1. DisconnectWorking online, you often waste time because the speed of the connection is slowed down by side cookies from media and ads following your cache. Disconnect will speed you up.Top 30 Google Chrome Extensions: Facilitate Your Freelancing Work 15
          1. Docs Online ViewerIt is extremely time-consuming to download presentations and PDFs. Now you can forget about it: just install this add-on and open your docs in the browser.
          1. DraftNeed to do calculations and take notes on what you are reading? Turn your tab into a board! Draft will ensure that you don’t forget anything. Add or delete the information anytime.
          1. Dropbox for GmailThe extension makes you more efficient and flexible as you can access and share stored files from any location. The only thing is that its free storage has a particular limit.
          1. DuckDuckGo for ChromeSome freelancing jobs online result in severe privacy concerns. DuckDuckGo search does not track your history as meticulously as Google does, which is a good reason to install this extension.Top 30 Google Chrome Extensions: Facilitate Your Freelancing Work 16
            1. Empty New Tab PageIf you work with tabs, this extension will let you get a new blank page for inserting your information.
            1. Evernote Web ClipperApp developers managed to create an extension that is quick, simple, and much more popular than complex programs. When you come across something interesting that you can use in your article, you won’t have to open Google Drive or Evernote to save the source. All you need is click a button, and the link saves automatically.
            1. Feedly Subscribe ButtonThis is a perfect aggregator of content that unites all the news sources that you use during the day. You just need to find the content for your work and save it to your account.
            1. FullContact for Gmail & InboxIf you have to get in touch with a lot of people daily and have a hard time synchronizing and arranging your contact lists, use Full Contact account for bridging your multiple address books and stay connected.

              Top 30 Google Chrome Extensions: Facilitate Your Freelancing Work 17

              1. Sometimes, it is not enough to screen what you see–you have to send your customer the entire page including the parts that do not show up. Full Page Screen Capture is the best way to do that.
              1. Gmelius for Gmail & InboxGoogle app developers are sure that they know what users need. However, some innovations may seem irritating. So, if you want to restore an old interface, just install Gmelius (which is also available for several other browsers).

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