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Secure By installing, you can protect your privacy when surfing the internet. Tor Browse the web Almalinux 8 RPM-based Linux Use command terminal

When It comes down to the access to dark web standards browsers that aren’t safe with any third-party technology. WellIn such cases, the Tor Browser is necessary to use the Tor Around two million people use the network every day. It Based on Mozilla Firefox. The Name Tor Initial acronym standing for “The Onion Router”. The The onion reference was intentional. Tor Networks are made of many layers so that anonymous users can browse the Internet.

In Tor NetworkAll data packets sent between nodes (proxy servers) are encrypted and transmitted without the prior points knowing. You You will also be assigned an anonymous, random IP address. HoweverThis system is vulnerable to misuse by criminals through social engineering, or any other means. There’s no guarantee that you will be 100% secure. Not You can only access the dark web by paying for it Tor BrowserYou can surf the internet via a proxy, or you may use your regular browser. The The many divertissements make it more secure, but slower.

Just Like the dark web, it is the Tor Browser It is legal. ConsequentlyDownload the document here. Tor browser pack for free.

Steps To install Tor Browser AlmaLinux 8

1. Requirements

To This tutorial will show you how to install. Tor Browser on RedHat-based AlmaLinux 8. Users must have an active internet connection, and access to non-root sudo.


2. Download Tor Browser Package RPM

Tor Browser It isn’t available by default Alamlinux 8. We must download the file manually. Visit The Official Website Use this browser to get the most recent package. Linux.

Download Tor Browser RPM package

3. Open Command Terminal

Once Once the download of the configuration file for the browser has been completed, you can open the command terminal and switch over to the “Downloads” directory, because anything we download automatically goes to it

Cd Downloads

Switch Extract folder

Cd torbrowser_en/

Now Extract the tar file from the Tor We have already downloaded the browser.

tar -xf tor-browser-linux64-*_en-US.tar.xz


4. Install Tor Browser on AlmaLinux 8

After extracting the file, let’s register it to create an Application To quickly start Launcher, use the shortcut Tor browser.

./start-tor-browser.desktop --register-app


5. Launch The browser

Go The Application Launcher for the AlmaLinux 8: To access the information, click here “Activities” and search for “Tor Use the browser“.  When Its icon will appear, click on it to do the same.

Launch the Tor browser

Install Tor Browser on AlmaLinux 8

Simply Please click the “Connect” To establish a connection, click the button Tor Network Securely start browsing.


6. How To update Tor Alma browserLinux

Once We have already installed Tor browser to access the latest version of the software. To Open your browser to check for any updates Tor browser.

Click The following are the Hamburger icon
Go The Help Click on this link to go to the section About Tor Use the browser

This It will check for you automatically and notify you install If possible, the most current updates

How to update Tor browser on AlmaLinux

Check for updates Tor


7. Uninstall Remove or replace

If you don’t want the Tor Use the browser to access your Almalinux 8. Then, we can delete the item using the command below:

rm ~/.local/share/applications/start-Tor-browser.desktop


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