The Right Way to Install Cinnamon Desktop on AlmaLinux 8 server 10

Do It is what you desire install The Cinnamon Desktop Alma environmentLinux 8 CLI server or desktop? Then Here are some commands that you should follow.

Cinnamon Desktop Because of its familiarity and light weight, environment is an extremely popular UI. Windows-like User Interface. Cinnamon It is visually more difficult than Mate. There Performance is sacrificed for more animations and effects. But As long as it is reasonably up-to date, your computer will function smoothly. Cinnamon This product has a more contemporary look, but is still subtle and easy to use.

It This is another development in Gnome 3. Therefore You can support newer features and greater functionality. This You can also activate entire themes Cinnamon.

Applets In the taskbar Cinnamon Also, they are more effective. In You can integrate extensions to the taskbar in principle. HoweverIt requires advanced programming skills.

By By default, the desktop GUI uses Linux Mint as desktop environment however, we can install It is on Almalinux 8.


Install Cinnamon Desktop on AlmaLinux 8

The Command given here install Cinnamon Desktop GUI Almalinux 8. Server or Desktop RedHat-based organizations will have the exact same procedure Linux These include CentOS 8 stream Oracle Linux.

1. Requirements

RedHat is a RedHat-based company Almalinux 8
Non-root sudo user
Command Terminal Access
Internet Connection


2. Update Your AlmaLinux 8

Before Installing the aforementioned equipment is a step further Cinnamon Get desktop for your computer Almalinux, let’s first ensure that all the things on our Linux OS versions are current. For We just have to do the running Dnf Below is the update command.

sudo -y dnf update && sudo dnf upgrade


3. Add EPEL Repository& enable PowerTools

There are some dependencies or packages that are available via RedHat’s EPEL repository and PowerTools. Unlike Our Alma already has the EPEL and PowerTools repoLinux 8. We just have to make it possible. HenceFollow the instructions below:

sudo dnf install epel-release -y
sudo dnf config-manager --set-enabled powertools

Once you have added the repositories, let’s run the update command once to refresh the repository cache.

sudo dnf update


4. Add Repositories for Cinnamon on AlmaLinux 8

WellAs usual, like so many others Desktop Linux environments Cinnamon It is not also available via the default repo Almalinux. The It is because it happens most of the times. Redhat Linux Professionals use it in server environments with command-line interfaces.

ThereforeTo do this, it is necessary to allow others. Corp Repositories to download the packages Cinnamon installation

sudo dnf copr enable stenstorp/cinnamon
sudo dnf copr enable stenstorp/lightdm
sudo dnf copr enable stenstorp/icon-themes

Run To refresh the repo cache, use the system update command

sudo dnf update


5. Install Cinnamon Desktop Almalinux 8

We Already have all of the packages source repositories that we needed for the installation Cinnamon desktop environment on Almalinux 8. HenceTo get the required information for this GUI, you can use DNF Package Manager.

sudo dnf install cinnamon gnome-terminal gnome-system-monitor mint-themes mint-y-theme mint-*-icons

6. Install LightDM Display Manager

As Per the Maintainer of the Cinnamon For more information, see repository Redhat-based Linux Systeme with default GNOME interfaces, default GDM displays on systems could cause problems. HenceIt is highly recommended. install It is required for LightDM as well as if you use a command line server.

sudo dnf install lightdm-settings slick-greeter-cinnamon

After That Disable GDM Enable LightDM Display Manager

sudo systemctl disable gdm
sudo systemctl enable lightdm

Those Users of the command-line server interface AlmalinuxYou will also want to change the default target to graphic UI.

sudo systemctl

Once After all of the commands above have been executed successfully reboot your system.

sudo reboot


7. Login Cinnamon Desktop

WellWe are finished with any configurations required to install How to use Cinnamon Desktop UI on AlmaLinux 8. Now You can use it as your default interface Linux Where the user has it already Gnome Select the user from the login screen, then click on the CLOG icon to select CINNAMON.

Login Cinnamon Desktop Almalinux 8


8. Desktop Environment

FinallyYou’ll have the Cinnamon Desktop Your Alma has a user interfaceLinux 8 desktops with elegant icons and a Windows-like interface. Start Menu Is on the left side identical to Win 7. and 10. With all necessary Linux applications.

Cinnamon Desktop UI on RedHat 8 Linux Install Cinnamon on Almalinux 8


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