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In This article will show you how. Change The Linux How to reset your password for OS.

Before We now get to the main topic of how to Change The Linux OS pYou can find more information atssword, let’s see how we can create a strong and safe password.

The Right Way To Create a Strong & Safe Password?

For For many, creating unique passwords can be daunting. Generating It is dangerous to remember a lot of passwords (e.g. Wt4e79P-B13qS).

SoWhile you might know that one password could reveal all your online data if it was hacked but not knowing this, there is still a possibility of using the same password on multiple sites. On However, you should not use simple numbers or words that relate to your personal life in your passwords. The The most important parts of a password are length, digits and symbols. No Links to your personal details and, of course, no dictionary terms.


Tips For Creating You can find more information at Password that’s a One-of-a-Kind:

  • Incorporate Use acronyms and shorthand code in your writing.
  • Keep Make your passwords easy but ensure that you change them every time you visit another site.
  • Avoid Use of numbers or letters which follow each other.

When It can be hard to create strong passwords that are secure and reliable. FortunatelyYou can also use, You can select the types of elements you would like to add to your password using the boxes to the left. For For example, you could choose to have the length include symbols or numbers. Lowercase And Uppercase characters, Similar Or Ambiguous character and many other options. Click The Generate Password button after you’ve checked The boxes you want to use and receive your generated safe and secure password. Now let’s see how to Change the Linux OS password.


Change Linux This step-by-step guide will help you to create your OS password

The Register for access to your Linux VPS (Virtual Private Servers).Virtual Private Server) is sent to you once you’ve ordered it from the service provider. Once It is wise to reset the password once you’ve gotten your VPS.

For This is because security issues are a concern. FirstlyIt is possible that your VPS provider has already obtained your password. SecondlyYour VPS password will be delivered in plain text via email. To access your VPS, you’ll need the password that was sent to this email address. It It’s time to get started!

Note This Centos This guide was created using 6.9. HoweverThe steps on how to Change Linux OS password Similar in another Linux distributions.

Things Before you start:

  • The Your IP address for your VPS
  • Password Use the username

The Right Way To Change Linux password [CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD]

Open Putty and enter your virtual private server’s Hostname IP Address Other You can leave fields alone and they will default.

Log Enter your password and username to log in

putty change password

Login as: this is where you’ll enter your username to access the website.

[email protected]*You VPS IP* password: Type In this section, enter your password to the Virtual Private Server.

Note When you type the password, it won’t display any characters. This It is necessary for your safety. Please By pressing Enter, enter your password.

Type “passwd” Enter the code.

The New password You can enter now. It won’t be shown (this is a security measure).

Congratulations! On You Linux VPS, you’ve successfully updated your password.


The Right Way To Change Your User Password (Another Method)

The First, you will need to connect to your VPS via SSH.

In LinuxUse the following command to update your password:


Unless you’re logged in as a root user, you’ll need to enter your current user password. You’ll be asked to enter the new password twice in the command line. It’s going to be like below:

Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:

The result should look like this when you’ve successfully changed your password.

Password Updated Successfully

If If you get this message it means your new password was set. You’ll need this password the next time you check in.


Changing Passwords For Other Users

Another The passwd command can be used to change the password of any account in the system. Log in as root and use the Passwd command with the user’s name as the argument.

passwd [username]

This This is how to run the command for updating the password of user name Granit.

Passwd Granit

After The terminal will then prompt you for your password change via the command-line.

Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:

The If you are using the passwd command for changing the password of another user, the following output will be displayed.

Password Updated Successfully


The Right Way To Change User Password Without Remembering the old passwords

As You may forget your password if you’re a regular user.

As Passwd can be used by root and sudo users [username] command to easily change the password for the user you’re logged in as.

For Non-root users must use sudo passwd instead. As the last step, they’ll be tasked with entering their passwords.

When LDAP authentication is used, the command may require a user’s forgotten password.

Let’s say you’d like to update the password for a user by the name of Granit. When You need to type sudo passwd Granit command on the terminal, you’ll have to provide the user password for Granit.

Using You can copy the encrypted password for another user by using the /etc/shadow directory Use This command will open the file by using the Nano text editor:

nano /etc/shadow

Make a note of the user whose password you’d like to modify. The The encoded password sequence is the string of characters between the colons and the user’s name (:)

Obtain You can also share your password with another user. So If you have the password to user LeonYou can use it as a temporary password GranitAs shown in the following example: This You should use a new password to replace the one you have. Granit’s old one.

Now That the user Granit uses the same password wie user LeonTo create a brand new account, use passwd.

sudo passwd granit

Password change Granit Once you’ve entered the temporary one, you will need to provide your ID.



Protecting Passwords are essential for protecting your VPS server and increasing its security. Change Linux OS password You should do this on a daily basis in order to improve your security, and lessen the risk of illegal access.

To Update your Linux Password, simply run the following command to create your password. In In addition to that, you can also use any Linux distribution can use similar techniques.

By If you set a minimum password validity time for multiple users, it can be used to encourage them to keep their passwords current more often.

Let us know what more you’d like to learn in the comments section below.

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