The hunt for cheaper GPUs is turning up some unexpected bargains


As anybody attempting to come up with a higher performance Computer has probably found, the self-build Computer marketplace is in a dreadful state now. DDR4 RAM costs are above twice whatever they had been 18 months ago, as need from smart phones has forced supply. For GPUs… well, they truly are in pretty bad shape. High-end movie cards are now being purchased within their dozens by cryptocurrency miners, making people who want a video clip card to really do things that are graphical and dry. It’s enough to make you want to shout with rage.

This situation has made pre-built PCs unusually competitive—components bought at scale, as part of long-term supply agreements, likely have more price stability than those sold directly to end users—but that’s small consolation to those who truly want to build their own machine.

But all hope is not lost; Tom’s Hardware Guide has found another source of, if not exactly cheap, at least cheaper video cards: external GPU graphics docks with preinstalled video cards.

Aimed primarily at laptop users, external GPU graphics docks put a PCIe slot or two and a power supply in a case that is small. They connect with a PC Thunderbolt that is using 3 and typically these docks offer USB or other ports in addition to their graphical output. Intended primarily for mobile gamers, some of the breakout boxes are empty—it’s up to you to pick and install a GPU—but others come with video cards preinstalled.

It’s this category that is latter provides some range for preserving. THG discovered the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Box with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 cards preinstalled for $700 and $600, correspondingly, from Newegg. This compares positively to the800 that is near a standalone GTX 1080 will currently set you back.

What makes this even more remarkable is that these Thunderbolt 3 external GPU enclosures typically cost $********************************) that is their. Now, there is small to no possibility you’d note that sort of cash on the resale market for yourself, and sold off the enclosure if you bought one of these Gigabyte units, kept the video card. But even them to one per customer if you just toss the thing in the trash, you’re coming out ahead.

Newegg says they’re in stock, and the company is limiting. Therefore ideally the cryptocurrency fanatics will not destroy things for all else (again).

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