SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 13

Do you have a product or service that you sell online? Or maybe a blog, and you are waiting for new readers? In this case, you will like this selection of the best tools for SEO optimization.

Useful advice:

Have you ever wondered why your site has low traffic rates? Think about doing search engine optimization. The free SEO tools below are some of the most effective.

1. Quicksprout

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 14

The tool is perfect for beginners. It is written in simple language and helps to understand the basics of search engine optimization and analyze the performance of your site.

Why you should use:

  • Focus on social media coverage
  • List of results for each page.
  • Tables for benchmarking your performance and competitors

And it’s free!

2. SE Ranking

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 15

A great resource if you do not know where to start. This analyzer is a great SEO tool for agencies.

Why you should use:

  • Accurate keyword position tracking
  • List of 15 parameters for the analysis of backlinks
  • Competitor Analysis Available

Subscription costs start at just $ 7 per month, which makes the toolkit the perfect choice, especially if you’re on a budget.

3. Portent

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 16

Having trouble choosing a name that will attract readers’ interest? Check out this free SEO tool for creating engaging headlines.

Why you should use:

  • Instant result
  • Many variations for one keyword
  • Useful heading tips

The spelling of the names has not yet been so exciting! Use the resource to increase creativity and select a headline with the required number of words.

4. Majestic SEO

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 17

Looking for something more advanced? When it comes to finding SEO services for small businesses, this unique platform should be your choice.

Why you should use:

  • Focus on link research
  • Domain Metric Templates
  • Clique Hunter – a tool that will increase the number of visits to your web pages

The service provides a free package for those who want to develop only their blog. Advanced subscription packages are available for a fee.

5. Google Keyword Planner

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 18

Which search engine is your priority? Most likely, Google, as for most users. Google offers the best free keyword-targeted SEO tools for this particular search engine.

Why you should use:

  • List of Trending Keywords
  • Statistics of popular keywords over the past few months
  • Advanced Filtering Features

And your site is already on the first page of the issuance of Google? Achieve success now!

6. Hive Digital

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 19

Do you use links on your site? How often do you check them? Hive Digital is an SEO toolkit that helps ensure that external links are free of spam or other potential dangers. And you don’t have to hire a third-party SEO agency.

Why you should use:

  • Internal and external site verification tools
  • Checking for duplicate content
  • Keyword Density Analysis
  • Checking Headers

And yes, the service is free!

7. Similarweb

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 20

Statistics are good, but a ready-made strategy is much better. Similarweb is one of the best search engine optimization software.

Why you should use:

  • Analysis of traffic and its sources among your competitors
  • The service determines the best strategies that you can use.
  • Exploring your target audience

The subscription price depends on your choice. A free beginner plan is available.

8. Raventools

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 21

If you use multiple platforms, you probably want your SEO tools supported by all devices. This service is ideal for these purposes.

Why you should use:

  • Market Research and Reports
  • Advanced SMM Reports
  • Site Audit

Free and advanced packages from $ 27 / month are available.

9. Moz

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 22

When SEO professionals think about tools that will be indispensable in their work, Moz is the first resource that comes to mind. But even if you just want to improve your WordPress experience or optimize your company’s page, you should also pay attention to this service.

Why you should use:

  • An open resource for searching keywords and viewing site statistics
  • Business Intelligence Lists
  • Different categories of studies

All options listed above are free. You can also use the premium package.

10. Ontolo

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 23

Looking for a service filled with diagrams and flowcharts? In this case, this option is for you.

Why you should use:

  • Articles on Improving Marketing Strategies
  • A rich set of tools for working with contact information
  • Link Statistics
  • Content Improvement Tools
  • Advertising Tips

Costs range from $ 97 for professional use. Despite the fact that the service is not the most affordable, the result is worth it.

11. Mention

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 24

This is a great choice if you want to constantly have access to updated SEO statistics.

Why you should use:

  • Create custom alerts for your brand
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Coverage of web and social media services

The interface of the platform is quite simple, with convenient navigation through the pages, which allows you to quickly find information of interest.

12. UbberSuggest

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 25

Selecting keywords for content can be quite difficult. Therefore, to perform such a task, there is such an abundance of SEO-tools. This site helps determine which keywords should be used.

Why you should use:

  • Wide range of languages ​​for work
  • Extension for Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Friendly interface
  • Ability to view results in a list and download them

Visit the site, enter a query and select the desired keywords from the list of proposed ones.

13. SEMrush

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 26

Another great SEO platform with over 1,000,000 users. How about becoming one of them?

Why you should use:

  • Detailed analytic reports on competitor strategies
  • Project-Based Sources
  • Availability in many countries
  • 7 interface languages

To use the service, you will have to buy a pro version. Prices start at $ 69 / month. A 30-day trial period is also available.

14. Ahrefs

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 27

Looking for a service with the largest backlink database? Pay attention to Ahrefs. The platform daily examines about 12 trillion live links, constantly improving the algorithm.

The service includes dozens of SEO methods.

Why you should use:

  • Checking Keywords, Site, and Content
  • Alerts
  • Domain Comparison

The cost of the cheapest package starts at $ 99 per user. Like SEMRush, it offers a one month free use period. Buy an annual subscription and get a 20% discount!

15. Advanced Web Ranking

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 28

Be sure to try this service if you want to understand how keywords affect the delivery of your site.

Why you should use:

  • Google ranking visualization
  • Social Network Monitoring: Twitter or Instagram
  • Various file type options for data export and paginated SEO
  • Automated Reporting

Suffice it to say that the service is worth every dollar.

16. WordTracker

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 29

Another keyword generator. Be sure to take a look at this SEO service.

Why you should use:

  • 1000 keywords per request
  • Cost analysis
  • Feature Related Feature

The platform also offers a link building tool to help determine who is linking to you or your competitors.

17. LSIGraph

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 30

There are many resources for choosing keywords. But what about LSI? Try this service.

Why you should use:

  • Friendly interface
  • A bit of basic theory
  • A simple list of LSI options

Google SEO instructions are also available for novice website owners on how to use LSI.

18. WebCEO

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 31

Good SEO toolkit to help develop your marketing strategy.

Why you should use:

  • Page optimization
  • Performance Reports
  • Competitor analysis

Cost ranges from $ 99 to $ 499 per month. The platform, of course, is worth the money and in the near future may be among the most popular tools.

19. gShift

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 32.

Tired of using multiple reporting tools? Take a look at this service. It combines the functions of other platforms and allows you to effectively collect data.

Why you should use:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Content Tracking
  • Site Audit
  • Defining Opinion Leaders

Try this tool and see what benefits it will bring.

20. Moonsy

SEO is easy: Top 20 Tools for your Business 33

Returning to free SEO tools, Moonsy is the perfect option for bloggers who want their site’s marketing strategies to deliver tangible financial results.

Why you should use:

  • Focus on blogs and personal content
  • Domain Analysis
  • Keyword Checking for Google and Bing

Hurry to use the service, since it will be free only for a limited time.


The above services are the best, according to experts, for creating profitable sites, thanks to views and clicks. Competition in the e-commerce market is growing, and even the most powerful companies should from time to time to monitor popularity on the Internet.

It doesn’t matter if you want to use plugins instead of web platforms or whether you prefer tablets and smartphones instead of computers. There are many options for professionals leading websites for giant corporations, as well as for newbie bloggers who are just starting to attract new readers.


Your competitors will not wait. Be the first to improve your position on the Internet!

Over the past few years, by 2018, we have accumulated a lot of SEO-tools for creating high-quality content and developing the best marketing strategies. The future is near. Therefore, make sure that your business occupies a leading position in it today

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