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It It happens sometimes that the password to our account is forgotten Windows VPS or even our own system’s password. It You can always get your money back Windows Copy CMD and create password UtilmanExecute the following commands:.exe But Resetting the Windows Passwords in a graphic interface are not any better than writing commands.

In In this tutorial we’ll show you how reset password Windows A bootable file that has a graphical interface is used. Active Boot Disk. Using You can use this software to retrieve the password for all Windows versions.

Active Boot Disk This has many other benefits than resetting your password. Using This freeware allows you to manage partitions and images even if your computer is not accessible. TotallyYou can use this software to help you manage your system.

Steps To Reset Windows VPS Password

Important Note: You ought to have Console Access Or VNC Access Forgot your password? Windows. AlsoIPMI is required to reset your server’s password. Access. You You can request access to any one of the above services from your provider.

1. Download Tools

FirstDownload the Active You can download the boot disk by clicking on this link

Download Active Boot Disk

Note: If Resetting your password is easy Windows VPS, RDP, or a dedicated server, you don’t need any other tool, but if you are resetting the password of your own system, you should also Download Rufus Write the name of your image in Flash disk using Rufus.

2. Put Active Boot Disk And Make It As The First Boot Priority

We VMware is our virtualization platform. This will allow us to add functionality. Active Boot Disk VMware In CD/DVD drive. If You should not use any other software. Active Boot Disk That is the system.



After It is worth adding to your list. Bios Place the Active Boot Disk As the priority boot number one. In The VM options are available by clicking on Boot Options Check out the Force Bios Setup.


Enable Force Boot Bios


In This will cause you to be diverted to Bios During the next restart you will be able to change your boot priorities.


Change Boot Priority


3. Boot Up system use Active Boot Disk

NowIt will appear with an after you have restarted the system. Active Boot Disk. Don’t press any button and let the device boot up with an active boot disk. Once When it begins, there will be many options to manage images and partitions, as well as other tools.

We Will use the Active Password Changer You can reset your password by clicking here In The task manager will open. Click the key icon to activate it. The Passwords for users can be found in the SAM File in Windows. Using You can access the SAM File to edit the attributes and users using this tool.


reset windows vps password


Pass The steps will be shown by default until users are visible. Click You must change the password of the specified user. In The next section will contain checkboxes. You can choose to complete any one of these boxes. Choose Last option which is “Clear This User’s Password.”


Clear User's password in active boot disk


Click Apply, and you will get a message that The user’s password has been reset. Now your user doesn’t have any password, and you can log in to your system.


password reset has been done


4. Eject Active Boot Disk

Eject the Active Boot Disk File Revert any bio changes. Now Register to access your account, and then change the password.

You can use the following tutorial to set a new password on your server & system.

How To Change The Windows VPS Password?


After RDP can be purchased Windows VPS, Dedicated ServerIt is possible for you to forget your password, and even lose it in your system. We have learned how to reset passwords. Windows You can use the command-line. In This will require you to start using the internet. Windows Installation File is fine, but commands should be used afterward.

It Not all commands will reset your password. Windows Versions in the older method

But in this method, you will have a graphical user interface, and you can clear your user’s password easily without having critical modifications in the system tools like CMD.

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