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DigitalOcean snapshots permit you to produce on-demand backups of Droplets. For an introduction to snapshots, including pricing that is current see DigitalOcean Snapshots and Backups Explained.

You can move snapshots to a different DigitalOcean individual or even to any DigitalOcean group that your particular account is a part of. You should know:( before you transfer a snapshot,*****)

  1. Snapshots are transported, in other words. relocated, perhaps not copied.
    When you move a snapshot to a different team or user, it will no longer be available in your account. You can create a snapshot that is second moving if you wish to retain a duplicate.
  2. IP details are related to Droplets, perhaps not snapshots.
    This implies transfers that are snapshotn’t well-suited for moving applications with IP-based configuration settings. You can accomplish this type or sort of transfer more efficiently making use of DigitalOcean groups.

In this short article, we will explain exactly how moving a snapshot works for the transmitter plus the receiver.

Transferring a Snapshot

In purchase to move a Droplet to a different DigitalOcean individual or group, you’ll first have to take a snapshot from it. You are able to produce one by after the producing a step that is snapshot of to Migrate DigitalOcean Droplets utilizing Snapshots.

Note: it, you will need take two snapshots because the one you transfer will be removed from your account when the recipient accepts it.( if you want to keep a copy of the snapshot after transferring*****)

To retain a duplicate of an adult snapshot you’ve currently developed, it is possible to produce a droplet that is temporary on the snapshot and take a snapshot of that. You can destroy the Droplet that is temporary as as the snapshot is complete.

To transfer a snapshot, look at the Images tab however navigation and find the snapshot you wish to move. Start the snapshot’s More menu and choose Change Owner.

Screenshot of the More menu with Change owner highlighted

In the Transfer to a different individual menu that starts, either choose User and enter the consumer’s current email address inside text industry, or choose Team and choose a group account from pull-down menu. Then, simply click Transfer Snapshot.

Note: The receiver of the snapshot won’t get a message or in-product notification in regards to the transfer. You will have to alert the team or user. It may be helpful to include a link directly to the section that is next getting a Snapshot.

If you are moving to a group, under many circumstances it is possible to accept the transfer your self. You have only the “Biller” role, however, you might need to contact a member or owner.( if you transfer from your account to a team on which*****)

Once you initiate the transfer, the menu name modifications to Snapshot Transfer Pending, plus the choices modification to an individual Cancel Transfer key.

Screenshot of the More menu with Transfer Pending and the recipient's name displayed

The symbol beside the snapshot will even continue to move after the menu is closed. You can return to the Images page and open the snapshot’s More and choose Cancel Transfer any right time ahead of the receiver takes it.

Once transfer of a snapshot is complete, you’ll not be billed for this.

Receiving a Snapshot

You won’t get a message or in-product notification if some one needs to move a snapshot for your requirements. The transmitter should directly notify you.

To answer a snapshot transfer demand, log in to the account that the image ended up being transported and, if required, change to the team that is specific. Then, visit the Images tab in the navigation that is main. A Pending Transfer area shall appear.

Note: A snapshot is a duplicate for the Droplet where it had been taken. This implies a transmitter could access droplets made potentially from a snapshot, therefore be mindful whenever choosing to just accept a transfer.

Open the snapshot’s More menu to Decline or Accept the transfer.

Screenshot of a Pending Transfer request

once you accept the transfer, it’s going to can be found in the Snapshots dining table. The More menu offers the exact same choices that are offered for snapshots you create your self, including Create Droplet. After accepting a transfer, you might need certainly to reload the web page to notice it.

Screenshot of the More menu with Create Droplet highlighted

The initial owner for the snapshot won’t get notification of the choice. The snapshot will silently disappear from their account if you accept the transfer. You might desire to inform them once you have accepted or refused.

Depending on reason for the snapshot, you might keep it indefinitely as a back-up or simply unless you’re yes you have setup the Droplets you’ll need. You are able to find out about snapshots, including pricing that is current in DigitalOcean Snapshots and Backups revealed.


This guide defines just how to receive and send DigitalOcean snapshots. You may be interested in learning more about these additional ways to share resources and configuration:( if you share Droplet images often,*****)

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