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Synology makes many different house and company system connected storage space products (NAS) operating their Linux-based DiskStation Manager computer software.

DigitalOcean areas is an item storage space solution which makes it effortless and economical to keep and recover huge amounts of information.

In this guide, we’ll set a Synology NAS up to backup information to a DigitalOcean area, making use of Synology’s Hyper Backup computer software.


To complete this guide, you will require a Synology NAS, with a few provided files or LUNs that are iSCSI produced.

You will even must know the details that are following your area:

  • Access Key
  • Secret Key
  • Server URL
  • Bucket Name

You can learn to set a Space up and obtain most of the above information by after our tutorial just how to produce a DigitalOcean area and API Key.

Once you have got your details, get on your Synology’s internet screen as an user that is admin-enabled and check out 1 to set up the back-up computer software.

Step 1 — setting up the Hyper Backup computer software

Upon logging in you will see DSM’s desktop screen:

Synology DSM's desktop

To install the Hyper Backup computer software, click the Package Center symbol. The applying shall open. In the column that is left-hand of Center, choose Backup to browse backup apps. Scroll down a little and you will discover the Hyper Backup computer software:

Synology Package Center, with Hyper Backup entry highlighted

Click the Install switch to set up the program. You will see some status updates since the application packages and installs, then switch changes to Open. You could click on the switch to start Hyper Backup, or perhaps you can introduce it from DSM menu that is main pressing the primary menu switch inside upper-left part of one’s display:

Synology DSM's main menu screen

You’ll be shown a listing of applications. Simply click Hyper Backup and application shall start.

Next, we are going to walk through actions setting a backup up.

Step 2 — starting a back-up to Spaces

when you initially open Hyper Backup, you will end up offered a Backup Wizard display:

Hyper Backup's Backup Wizard opening screen listing backup destinations

This wizard takes united states through five actions to configure our very first back-up.

First, choose S3 storage space to begin with starting the areas storage space location. Then click Next to keep.

Hyper Backup's Backup Wizard interface for creating a new backup task

This action will set a connection up to areas. Let us walk through choices:

  • S3 Server: choose Custom Server URL from dropdown
  • Server target: must be your areas host target, that will be the datacenter area you picked whenever you created the room, plus In cases like this we have entered
  • Access Key: your areas access key
  • Secret Key: your areas secret key
  • Bucket title: whenever you select this kind industry, the application form will make an effort to connect with the host in order to find all available buckets (specific areas). Find the space that is appropriate the ensuing list, or perhaps you makes a fresh room if required
  • Directory: this is actually the directory inside your room where in fact the back-up information will likely be kept

Click Next to keep to another step.

Hyper Backup's Backup Wizard interface for selecting which folders or LUNs to back up

You’ll be expected to choose the things you would like to backup. Right here we have chosen the Storage amount. It is possible to drill on to the directory hierarchy and select subdirectories that are individual backup.

Hit Next once you have made your selection.

Hyper Backup's Backup Wizard interface for configuring backup options

This next thing has its own choices for managing the compression, encryption, and scheduling of task that is backup. First, give the task a name in the Task field. We chose Example Backup in this full instance.

Next, you must check out the Enable transfer encryption checkbox. Areas can be acquired over an encrypted HTTPS connection just, which means that your connection shall fail without this field chosen.

The remaining portion of the defaults are fine you may want to enable client-side encryption of your backups as they are, but. This means that your NAS will encrypt the backup files before sending them to Spaces. This is different from the Enable transfer encryption option we just selected, as that option secures the files during transfer only. All backup data will be fully encrypted on the Spaces server.( with client-side encryption*****)

You might wish to upgrade the back-up and integrity check schedules. Choose a period whenever added bandwidth and processor load won’t affect your use that is own of NAS. Typically this is late at ( night*****)

Click Next to attend the ultimate step.

Hyper Backup's Backup Wizard interface for configuring backup rotations

This action configures backup rotations, in which backups that are old be systematically deleted to reduce storage usage. The Smart Recycle option is a default that is good will retain 24 hours of per hour backups, 30 days of day-to-day backups, and also as numerous regular backups as you are able to before striking the sum total quantity specified inside Number of variations choice.

If you’ll need different alternatives, choose Customized retention and click Settings setting that up.

if your rotation settings are typical set, simply click Apply to complete the setup. You shall be prompted to back up immediately. You set if you choose not to, your first backup will happen according to the schedule. Otherwise, your back-up begins immediately. In any event, you are going to now be used towards Hyper Backup interface that is main:

Synology's Hyper Backup software interface

Using this screen, you are able to put up more tasks that are backup browse and restore supported information, and monitor the status of in-progress backups.


In this guide we installed Synology’s Hyper Backup computer software, and configured a back-up towards DigitalOcean Spaces item storage space solution. For lots more information that is detailed the setup and make use of of Hyper Backup, please reference the state documents.

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