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Xrdp Is a service that you can install Your Ubuntu It can be connected to remotely via desktop connections. The This article will outline the steps we’ll take. install Xrdp Ubuntu 20 include updating the server and installing the graphical user interface. Xrdp• Setting up configurations.

Steps Of Installing Xrdp On Ubuntu 20

  • Update Ubuntu Server
  • Install Graphical Interface
  • Install Xrdp
  • Connect To Xrdp

1. Update Ubuntu 20

The The first step is to install Xrdp To ensure that we have all the necessary information, it is important to regularly update repositories. Xrdp Send us your package. Xrdp This feature is defaulted to ubuntu repositories AlsoUpdates will also update packages and add them to the server.

Use The following commands will update Ubuntu 20 Server:

#apt-get-update -y

2. Install Xfce Graphical Interface

The The second step is to install You can create a graphical user interface on your server. When Buy Linux VPS/ Linux There is no graphical interface on a dedicated server. But If you would like to connect, Ubuntu You must have a graphic interface to RDP.

There There are many desktop interfaces that have been praised. Linux KDE is a similar program. Gnome, Cinnamon, Xfce, etc. This It’s up to you which of these to pick, however RDP can be optimized for. WindowsIt is not Linux. So It is best to select the most suitable option.

In This article will describe how we install The Xfce It is easy to use and light for desktop environments. By Install the Xfce desktop Your Linux You can rest assured that there will never be any slowdown in your connection to server Of Remember, though that speed of connection depends on many variables.

You To use the following command, install Xfce On ubuntu 20,:

# install xubuntu-desktop

3. Install Xrdp On Ubuntu 20

Now We have the desktop environment. Now we need to install Xrdp To connect to our desktop environment.

Use Use the command below to install Xrdp:

# install xrdp

Note: Ubuntu Name of a Display Manager Lightdm By default, it is installed In Some versions include an additional display manager. Gdm3. If Both of these are mounted on your Ubuntu Server, and you’ll be asked which one. If If you’re faced with this dilemma, opt for lightdm.

Check Xrdp Status

It It is always better to make sure Xrdp Running after installation or not To Run the following command to verify.

# Systemctl status Xrdp

If You can see that the message below is OK and you are able to move onto the next step.

xrdp.service - xrdp daemon
Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/xrdp.service; enabled; vendor preset: >
ActiveActive (running): Since Mon 2021-08/02 at 07:25.49 EDT. 22h ago

Add Xrdp User To SSL-Cert Group

Xrdp Applications “/etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key” File and only the Users of “ssl-cert” Group can see it. So Use the following command for the addition of the Xrdp User to this group.

# adduser

Restart The Xrdp Use the following command to make modifications:

# systemctl restartxrdp

Change Xrdp Configuration (Optional)

The “/etc/xrdp” This is the pathway that is included Xrdp Configurations files You don’t need to change anything in the Xrdp If you have any problems or want modifications such as changing your graphical environment, you should not configure.

Firewall Configuration

If Although you may have an active firewall installed on your Ubuntu server which is great, it’s not necessary to allow access. Xrdp It. The default port for Xrdp The same port as 3389 is 3399. Windows.

You You can verify the UFW firewall status by using this command.

# Status ufw

If It isn’t active. You can activate it by using the following command.

# ufw enable

It It is preferable to let the connection go. Xrdp To allow access from your IP address or to have it allowed from other IPs. There Here are some other examples.

Allow A specific IP address:

# UFW allow starting at and ending at any port 3389

Allow A range of IP is available:

# UFW allow starting at and ending at any port 3389

Allow You can access it from any place:

# ufw permit 3389

4. Connect To Ubuntu Server Using Xrdp

To To do so, use remote desktop connection software, which comes as a default installation on every computer. Windows systems. Search It can be found in Windows You can search the bar by typing this command. Run windows. To It should be opened like this. Windows Key + Both simultaneously. mstss, Then, press OK.



Once Once it’s opened, type the IP address of your computer. Linux server. Keep Session to be: Xorg Add the username/password to your server.


Xrdp Login Section


Finally, You You will see the following interface.


Xfce Desktop Environment which we are connected to it With Xrdp



You Connecting to the internet can cause problems and error. Xrdp. For For example, I was connected at the beginning. XrdpAfter entering my login information, I disconnected immediately. In The troubleshooting section will allow you to post any problem or solution in the comments.

Issue 1: After I complete the above, I will immediately disconnect. Connecting You can find more information here Xrdp.

Solution: This This is an issue many people face after installing. Xrdp. To Stop it! Xrdp Use the following command to service:

# stop service xrdp

Open The Xrdp Use the following command to start a script file:

# nano /etc/xrdp/

Comment Below is the line

test -x /etc/X11/Xsession && exec /etc/X11/Xsession
exec /bin/sh /etc/X11/Xsession

Note: You Can ignore the line that is being processed Linux Place the # label at the beginning of each line

And Save the file by adding the line below to the same folder.


Now You can begin the Xrdp Use the following command to service:

#service xrdp begin


In In this article we will show you how. install Xrdp Ubuntu 20. To To get the most out of your performance it is best to install a lightweight desktop like Xfce. AlsoTo prevent hacking, activate firewall

This article I hope you find useful and enjoyable. OrLet us know if there are any issues. By We can then complete the troubleshooting portion to address all the problems.

Let Let us know if the article was enjoyed. That’s the only way we can improve

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