1. Knoppix
A lot more than 1000 software programs are included on CD version and much more than 2600 are included on DVD version. As much as 9 gigabytes could be saved on DVD in compressed kind. These packages consist of:

LXDE, a x( that is lightweight desktop environment (standard for 6.0.1 and soon after), or KDE 3, an even more feature-complete desktop which will be the standard for 5.3.1 and previous releases.
MPlayer, with MP3 sound, and Ogg Vorbis sound playback help
Online access computer software, such as the KPPP dialer and ISDN resources
The Iceweasel browser (predicated on Mozilla Firefox)
The Icedove email customer (predicated on Mozilla Thunderbird)
GIMP, a picture manipulation system
Tools for information system and rescue fix
System administration and analysis tools
LibreOffice, a office suite that is comprehensive
Terminal host

Install Knoppix:

Tutorial for Installing Knoppix on USB stick:

2. TRK

TRK 3.3 had been predicated on Linux 2.6.26.

6 systems (accessed alt+F1 that is using etc.)
The capability to upgrade it self (anti-virus definitions/drivers) if burned onto a CD-RW
Information Healing Tools
Clone Windows over a community
Antivirus Scanner
AVG Anti-Virus
Read/Write to NTFS partitions through ntfs-3g
clonentfs permits copying of most utilized area on a drive
Edit partition design
SSH Server
Samba host
Share all drives that are local community as a person or a visitor
Logical Amount Administration
Roxy ip address server help
Bridging Abilities
Allows tcpdump whenever traffic passes other computer systems

Down Load Trinity Save Kit (TRK):

Tutorial for Installing TRK on USB stick:

3. Avira
Avira save System is a collection of free tools including a computer program regularly compose a CD that is bootable can be downloaded as an ISO file. It has its own operating that is linux-based therefore it cannot be determined by the main one on host Computer. It can be utilized to completely clean an PC that is unbootable and is able to find malware. The tool contains the program that is antivirus herpes database present by the full time of down load. It boots the equipment to the program that is antivirus then scans for and removes malware, also restoring normal boot and operation. It is updated frequently so that the most security that is recent are often available.

Down Load:

4. Gparted
GParted allows you to effortlessly handle your disk partitions:

Generate partition tables, (age.g., msdos or gpt)
Create, move, content, resize, always check, label, set UUID that is new delete partitions
Enable and partition that is disable, (age.g., boot or concealed)
Align partitions to mebibyte (MiB) or cylinder that is traditional
Try information rescue from lost partitions
GParted works together the storage that is following:

Hard disks (age.g., SATA, IDE, and SCSI)
Flash memory products, like USB memory sticks and state that is solid (SSD’s)
RAID products (equipment RAID, motherboard BIOS RAID, and Linux computer software RAID)
All sector sizes (age.g., products with 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 byte sectors and much more)

Down Load:

5. System Save CD
GNU Parted and GParted to partition disks and re-size partitions, including FAT32 and NTFS
fdisk to modify the disk partition dining table
PartImage, disk imaging computer software which copies just utilized sectors
TestDisk to recuperate lost partition and PhotoRec to recuperate lost information
FSArchiver a method device enabling one to save your self the articles of a file-system to a archive file that is compressed
a disc burner: dvd+rw-tools
Two bootloaders: GRUB and SYSLINUX
Internet explorer: Firefox, Midori, ELinks
File supervisor: emelFM2
Archiving and abilities that are unarchiving
File system tools: file system create, delete, resize, move
Help for most file systems, including complete NTFS access that is read/write NTFS-3G) plus FAT32 and Mac OS HFS
Help for Intel x86 and PowerPC systems, including Macs
Capability to produce boot disk for os’s
Help for Windows registry password and editing changing from Linux
Can boot FreeDOS, Memtest86+, equipment diagnostics as well as other boot disks from a CD that is single

Down Load:
Down Load live that is gparted

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