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The latest versions of Android allow you to work in split-screen mode and place different applications in different parts, which can be convenient in some situations, for example, with very active communication in the messenger and a fairly large screen.

This manual details how to split the screen into 2 parts separately on pure Android and Samsung Galaxy phones. The steps are demonstrated for Android 9, but on many devices, the same thing can be done in earlier versions of the OS. See also: How to transfer an image from Android to TV.


Split screen mode on pure Android

First, about how you can use two different applications on pure Android by splitting the screen. On your phone, the interface may be slightly different, but the essence of the actions remains the same:

  1. Launch the applications that you want to use in split-screen mode, and then open the list of running applications: on my phone (Nokia with Android 9 Pie) this is done by dragging the indicator from bottom to top, on some devices there may be a separate button (usually – “ stripes “bottom left).
  2. In the application list, select the one you want to place at the top of the screen and click on the icon of this application. From the menu, select Split Screen. If there is no such item in the list, check if it is present for other applications. If so, read the first note below.
  3. The application will be placed at the top, and a list of other running applications will be placed at the bottom. Among them, select the one you want to run at the bottom of the screen and just click on it.
  4. Done, the screen is divided, and you can work with the application in the upper half as well as in the lower half.

In addition, some notes regarding split-screen operation.

  • Some applications do not support split-screen mode, and for them, the “Split screen” item in the menu does not appear.
  • On some phones, you can change the size of the screen for each application by moving the bar in the center. If you move it all the way up or down, the phone will again work in normal mode.
  • The way to control a split-screen may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in any case, to exit it, you can simply close both running applications (but it is usually easy to find a way easier).


How to split a screen into 2 parts on Samsung

The essence of the steps required to enable split-screen mode between different applications on Samsung Galaxy smartphones is not much different from actions on pure Android:

  1. When all the applications that you want to place on two parts of the screen are running, click on the button that displays the list of running applications (the button with stripes, the leftmost bottom).
  2. Click on the icon of the application that you want to place at the top of the screen and select “Launch in split-screen mode”. If such an item is not displayed, it may not be able to work in this mode (and there are such applications).
  3. The application will be placed at the top, and in the list below you can choose another application to be placed in the second part of the Samsung screen.
  4. Done. Now the screen is divided, you can change the size of each part by moving the separator bar, and to exit the split-screen mode, you can click on the application list button and then click on the cross at the top of the screen (or just close all applications used on two screens )

I hope there will be no problems: everything is very simple and clear enough. If you still have questions, below is a video, in the first part of which the separation is shown on pure Android 9 Pie, in the second – on Samsung smartphones.

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