How To Migrate from AlmaLinux 8 To Rocky Linux 8 10

Learn These commands will convert Almalinux In Rocky Linux Use the terminal to access a desktop or server with help from an official script.

With RedHat announced it will end its long-term support. CentOS 8. Other developers submitted similar designs Linux distro- Almalinux & Rocky Linux 8 is one of them. WellBoth Almalinux & Rocky RedHat are the foundation of this website Enterprise Linux Binary compatibility with only one.

Although You don’t have to go from Almalinux You can find more information here Rocky Because they are both the same except for the fact that there is no developer behind them. Both Are you a community enterprise? Linux Distributions, and downstream to RHEL. NeverthelessIf you still want to change, AlmaLinux You can find more information here RockyOfficial developers “Alma” A script can be created that will automate and smoothen the entire migration process.

HoweverWe recommend that you take a backup of your data and keep it safe before starting this tutorial.

Steps You can find more information here Switch Starting at AlmaLinux You can find more information here Rocky Linux 8

1. Requirements

Almalinux VPS Servers: 8 Running CloudLocal desktop, virtual machine, or desktop
Root Benutzer
Terminal Access
Internet Connect


2. Run Dnf Update & Upgrade

Before moving to the next step, let’s first ensure that our current Almalinux It is current and contains the most recent version. This This will reduce compatibility problems.

Switch To root the user

sudo su-

NowRun the following command to update:

dnf -y update && sudo dnf upgrade

After Update it and reboot it one time



3. Download Rocky Linux Migration Script

As we discussed at the beginning of the article we don’t need to mess with things manually. The The public can now access the migration script Rocky Linux Developers can help you to start the switch process.

Install cURL, if you don’t have already:

dnf install curl -y

Download This is the script

Curling -o


4. Make Execute the script

By default the script doesn’t have the permission to execute on the AlmalinuxTherefore, we must first change it using the following command:

chmod +x


5. Convert AlmaLinux 8 To Rocky Linux 8

Once Now that you’ve completed the previous steps, start the script using root permissions to get started Alamlinux You can find more information here Rocky Linux Conversion process

To Use: to see the available options for your script.

./ -h

Whereas To begin the Almalinux You can find more information here Rocky Linux Converting process, run:

./ -r

Convert Almalinux to Rocky Linux 8


6. Check System OS version

Once After the configuration is done, restart the system. Next, check which version the software installed. Linux Now, you can access your system.


Check version:

cat /etc/oss-release

Check System OS version

That’s it… In So, it is easy to convert or migrate. Almalinux You can find more information here Rocky Linux 8 using a command-terminal WellOnce you have switched everything on, it should be all fine.


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