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DirectAdmin Hosting platform that is web-based. It This makes managing servers and hosts much simpler. You The ability to manage several email accounts, website, and other information through one interface. DirectAdmin control panel. Hosting Also, companies offer Hosting services for shared users Install a graphic DirectAdmin control panel for their servers. Features These include lightness, high speeds, low fees for licenses, and many other features. DirectAdmin Panels are becoming more and more common. In This post will show you how. install DirectAdmin On CentOS 7; Stay with Us

About CentOS 7

CentOS Stands for Webiliciousting System Community EnterprisePlease see: Linux Distribution of the book was made available in March 2004. The An open-source project based on this is being developed and supported in large part by the community. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Packages of resources for the RHEL This This is not a commercial distribution and can only be used with support agreements. Red HatRHEL providers are required to publicly make source code available in order to satisfy the licenses on the various components.

Why CentOS 7?

CentOS This is more user-friendly and secure. CentOS 7, which is one of the supported and new versions, is also more in demand than any other version.

As You might be surprised at what you know. CentOS 8.8 is out, however there are some issues during the installation. At At the moment CentOS 7. is the best and most compatible operating system. install DirectAdmin.


Requirements Of DirectAdmin Installation

We These are the steps to get started with the installation

  • Linux Server is running with CentOS 7
  • SSH Root Access
  • Point you would like to be on a domain DirectAdmin You can use the hostname, for example. ( )
  • Valid Client ID & Licence Form for ID DirectAdmin


Install Putty Software (SSH )

You To connect to the server and log in, you will require putty software Putty Software is client-side software This It means that software must be connected to a server at the network level. Our Server is the current SSH server running on the server. If the server goes down, or the SSH server fails to function properly, then we won’t be able connect via SSH to it.

Download Putty: By Click on this link to access the full article:”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank” href=””> you can download Putty Software.

Note: You You can click the: The Right Way To Connect to a Linux VPS with putty to begin the prerequisite installation

Install The following requirements are required

Step1: Run Use wget or yum to update your command line

We It is necessary to install You can use the following commands to update and wget your server

yum update

1 DirectAdmin prerquisite Installation

As As shown, take the following command, and copy it. Then, paste it into the putty environment. Finally, press the Enter key. Enter To start the server updating It It will start automatically the updating.

2 yum update

While We will be asked a question about updating our server. Is Is this okay? And we’ll enter the Y To resume server updates, press the key.

3 yum update

In In the next section we’ll see a similar picture that indicates that the server upgrade has been successfully completed.

Now We Will Install Wget Command

After We are doing that. install wget; We You can also use the following command:

Yum install wget

1 Install wget using putty ssh

Like Last time we’ll paste the following command into the putty environment. It will then automatically install wget.

2 Install wget using putty ssh

Like Last time we were installing wget, we faced a question: Is Is this okay? And we’ll enter the Y Key to restart our wget install.

3 Install wget using putty ssh

In The final section will show that the installation will complete as in the photo.

Note: All To install DirectAdmin will be provided; They These commands should be entered in the same way as the preceding two.

Step2. will be the 2nd section of the prerequisite install

Step2: Now; You You can also use the following command to get (CentOS 7)

Yum install psmisc net-tools systemd-devel libdb-devel perl-DBI

DirectAdmin installation prerequisites

In The next section is the installation. DirectAdmin If you have not completed the prerequisites we will proceed with the installation. Y key.

2 DirectAdmin installation prerequisites

In In the final section we’ll see the completed installation of prerequisites according to the photo.

Note: If Use CentOS 6, Run the following command

wget gcc gcc-c++ flex bison make bind bind-libs bind-utils openssl openssl-devel perl quota libaio libcom_err-devel libcurl-devel gd zlib-devel zip unzip libcap-devel cronie bzip2 cyrus-sasl-devel perl-ExtUtils-Embed autoconf automake.libtool. Which patch mailx? db4–devel

Here, We Are Ready To Install DirectAdmin On CentOS 7 Step By Step

  1.  Disable Firewall
  2. Download DirectAdmin Installation
  3. Change The downloaded setup file permission
  4. Run The Installation Script And Confirm Prerequisite package DirectAdmin Installation

1. let’s disable the firewall by the following command; after entering the command, it will be automatically disabled:

setenforce 0.

Disabling Firewall for DirectAdmin installation

As It is possible to see. We You should not continue to enter any other section. After entering the command the firewall has been disabled.

2. Download DirectAdmin Installation script using the following command


Download DirectAdmin Installation Script

3. HereWith the command to the right, you can change the download setup file permission.

Setup chmod 755

Change the Downloaded setup file permissions

OkAfter entering the command in the image, you will notice that permissions for the downloaded setup file were changed.

4. At This time we need to execute the script that was created by the command.


After When we run the installation script, there will be some questions. We Have to Confirm The packages DirectAdmin Installation by answering Y All of your questions answered.

Note: At You must enter your information in step 4. Licence Key and Client key DirectAdmin Enter the hostname and give.

ImportantAnswer the questions Do NOT use a domain that you plan on using for the hostname: for example: (don’t use Use: instead.)

Installation Complete

At After installation is completed, you’ll see this output.

To Log in now and follow the link below:


Enter your email address Admin Enter your username and password to proceed.

You Should now Visit Find out how you can get started.

Thank Thank you for your use DirectAdmin. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


You After installation was completed, you can access your password and username.

login direct admin informations

Login DirectAdmin

With Follow the link below: https://Yourserverip:2222; We Access to the DirectAdmin Login Page, as seen in the photograph:

DirectAdmin Login Page

Note: If Access to the cannot be denied DirectAdmin Login page. Perhaps your port 2222 is not open. HereWe can now access the log page via the port 2222. To do this, enter the bellow command.

firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=2222/tcp

Now We can get into the DirectAdmin Login Page using the provided link. Enter the username/password to access the page Direct Admin control panel environment.



Direct Admin The control panel has been designed to be simple to use and has an anti-crash feature that has increased service stability. The The speed of the control panel is extremely high due to its simple design, which has been tried and proven to be beautiful and practical, but also professional. Maybe There is also the possibility to ask a question Cpanel control panel or DirectAdmin? Note It all depends on what you need and want. Which one works best for you?

This article should help you solve any problems with the installation of your computer. DirectAdmin. FinallyYou can reach us by the comments section if you are having trouble with any installation step or you know someone who has.

Let Please let us know whether you enjoyed the post. That’s the only way we can improve

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