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This Article is about “how to install AlmaLinux” Since recently Redhat They announced they were ending support CentOS 8 They will be focusing on the following by 2021’s end CentOS Stream. In Many were unhappy in the interim. The Problem with CentOS Stream is that it will receive updates sooner while those updates are not tested completely, and the bugs are not detected, so that you won’t have a stable version.

AlsoSome of the most well-known platforms include cPanel They have stated that they won’t support CentOS Stream. But There are many good news. Fortunately, AlmaLinux Decided to create a distribution that is based on RHEL 8. AlmaLinux.

You You can get the stable version AlmaLinux now. And If you are interested, Alma means soul in Spanish Latin Languages, which are a great name for this type of distribution. AlmaLinux This binary fork was made by the RHEL. AlmaLinuxIt is, however, the community of the future will grow it. In In this tutorial we’ll show you how. install AlmaLinux Step by step

Note: As long as you follow the steps one by one, I guarantee that you won’t face issues when installing.

Minimum Resource Requirement To Install cPanel

Note: We You are installing the minimal version AlmaLinux VPS. If You can install it on either your VMware workstation or desktop. If you use a VPS to access the console, request your provider to mount an ISO file. If If you are a server administrator, you may ask about requesting a specific server. IPMI access to mount ISO files and console access

AlmaLinux Installation Steps

Note: If You can use VPS for install AlmaLinuxPurchase VPSs with the right resources in order to prevent problems installing platforms like cPanel.

If The configuration of the virtual machine should look like this:




Step 1 – Choose To Install Or Test AlmaLinux

In This is the initial step. AlmaLinux Installation, you’ll be asked questions install AlmaLinux It can be tested. Choose install AlmaLinux 8.4 and Press Enter Click the button, and then wait for the script to load.


Choose Install AlmaLinux 8.4 Option


Step 2 – Choose Language

Choose Use the language you prefer during the press conference and installation Continue.


Choose Language You Use During Installation


Step 3 – Partition Configuration

In In this section you will be asked to select the type of partitioning you want. AlsoYou have an error and must correct it before proceeding to the next stage.

If You install a hosting platform like cPanel or Direct AdminYou can either use the automatic partition configuration if your goal is to manage large data sets or manually configure it.


Configuring Partition When Installing AlmaLinux 8.4


Click The following are the “Installation Destination” Choose the type of partitioning you prefer Consider Automatic partitioning is an option, however it’s not advised. install cPanel at our AlmaLinux OS later.

Note: If you configure the partition manually, you will have more control over your server’s data. You Which section of your application or platform can use more storage? Why is it happening? It It is good to look around at what’s going on.

Note: AlsoYou can select the type of partitioning you want. Automatic Click here Done You can ignore this section.

So Select the appropriate partitioning type “I will configure partitioning” Use the press Done To configure manually


Put Partitioning Type On Manual


As As you can see, there are many things I do. 40 GB The importance of storage In In this next step, you will be creating 8 partitions. Consider These are the exact amounts I’ve used optional, You have the option to use different amounts depending on how much you keep.

PartitionDescriptionRecommended SizeSizes For 40 GB
/Root Directory is the directory home of the Root AccountAccording Storage space584 MB
/SwapSwap RAM helps to manage your processes, even if RAM is not available2 GB or less — Two Multiple times the RAM of the server.
2 GB to 4 GB — The The RAM amount on the server is the same.
4 GB or more — 4 GB
496 MB
/usrIt It contains all the binary files that are related to user-programmesAccord8192 MB
/varIs Used to create logs and database tablesAccording Storage space6144 MB
/tmpIs The place where temporary files can be storedAccording Storage space2048MB
/HomeHome This is where user data such as public_html or emails are storedAs Do it as much as possible14226MB
/bootIt This contains files related to boot such as Grubvmlinuz and kernel100 MB up to 512MB200 MB
/boot/efiIt contains files related to boot such as GrubEFI Systems: vmlinuz; kernel200 MB

In Next section: Click here plus + To add a mount point, click the button. Create Each partition one at a time. Consider You can choose each of the mount points that you see on the list. Once they are done, add any new mount points you find. /usr /tmp mount points.


Add Partition In AlmaLinux


Once Once you are done, your view will look something like this.


Partition Configuration Finished


In In the next section you’ll summarize all the changes made. Accept Complete the modifications.


Accept Changes After Partitioning


Step 4 – Network Configuration

Now We are now back at the top. Go The Network & Hostname Configure the network of our AlmaLinux Server.

In General Tab, Tik The option “Connect automatically with priority” Prioritize it 1.


Configure Network General Setting In AlmaLinux


Here It has been a pleasure to work with you. Linux VPS Server With static IPV4 so that I will configure Manuel IPV4. You You can modify your configuration to suit your needs.

Navigate The IPV4 Section, Click on MethodYou can choose Manual, Then, choose your favorite Add Add an IP address to your account Then Add a DNS Server Check out the following link. “Require IPV4 addressing for this connection to complete” Click here Save.


Configure IPV4 Network In AlmaLinux


Now You will return to the exact same page. Turn On The ethernet via dragging Off To On The top-left portion of the page. AlsoYou can choose A hostname For your server click Done.

Step 5 – Choose Password For Root

You You are now back to the main Page of AlmaLinux Installation. As You can see that you have to select a password as root user. Root Password You have the option of doing it, and you can choose strong passwords for your root accounts.


Set Password On AlmaLinux


Step 6 – Software Selection On AlmaLinux

You You can also choose install AlmaLinux Minimally or using custom software You Any of these packages can be selected and installed by the installer. AlmaLinux installation process.


Software Selection On AlmaLinux Installation


Step 7 – Installation Process

NowWe’re done. Begin The Installation.


Configuring Installation Options In AlmaLinux


Step 8 – Installation Finished

Once After the installation has been completed, you’ll receive a message stating that the installation was complete. You should then reboot your system. Choose Reboot System It will appear when you wait. Put The username is used to log in to the server root, You have also set your password during installation.


AlmaLinux Installation Finished


As Summary

As As you can see the installation AlmaLinux The process was very simple and was quite straightforward CentOS 8 and the CloudLinux Installation.

I trust you enjoyed the post. If If you had any problems during installation, please let me know by commenting in the section. I’ll help to resolve the issue as best as possible.

Let Please let us know whether you enjoyed the post. That’s the only way we can improve

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