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RunCloud This panel is for PHP web apps and allows you to manage your web servers easily without having to use confusing command lines. Website It is a great file manager as well as a cloud editor.

RunCloud You can enjoy exceptional features free of charge for up to fourteen days. You You will learn about special features RunCloud It is strongly recommended that people with special hobbies do so. PHP, CMS, WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, In This article will tell you more. RunCloud!

Here Is The Start To Create Our Website

1 RunCloud Sign in

Create Account

To Enter the home page. First, create your account. According to the image, you can create accounts in three different ways.

You Click on this link to learn more To register for an account RunCloud.


2 RunCloud Server Connect

What What VPS services do you require? Runcloud?

As I already mentioned, Runcloud is only a service that capable you to host websites/applications and makes server management so easy! NowA server (or VPS) is also recommended.Virtual Private Server() To Run Runcloud You can find it here.

Minimum Hardware Requirement:

  1. 1GB disk space
  2. 1 core processor
  3. RAM: 512MB
  4. 1 public IP Address

The Recommendation Linux Distribution Runcloud It is Ubuntu (16.04/18.04/20.04 x86_64 LTS). Here at WebiliciousWe offer VPS packages that are suitable for your needs Runcloud You can also find them here.
Note: Plan Linux VPS 2084MB This is our most requested package for hosting Runcloud.
Get Started Now!


Add Server To RunCloud

1)  After logging in RunCloud Account; The page that opens according to your photo will tell you how to add your server. RunCloud by clicking the let’s get started section:


Add Server Using RunCloud


2) After that, you will face a server’s EnvironmentAs you can see, clicking on is required. Connect a new section to the server to enter The provider’s environment:


4 RunCloud Server providers


3) In the Server Provider Environment, We will Click on Others Option that you see in this picture:


5 RunCloud Select WebServer 1 scaled


4) In You will see the exact same environment in the third step. If you scroll down, the next part is to choose your web server. Then, enter the IP address and name of the server. Address According to the image:

Note: Nginx Open-source and free to use web server. It hosts all domains. Linux, OS X, AIX While, LiteSpeed ​​web server is a powerful and fast web server, this web server is the fourth most used and famous web server in the world due to its special features. Although LiteSpeed ​​is not free and is used on control panels such as Directadmin cPanel which significantly increases the power and efficiency of the server. This is a useful alternative to the Nginx Website server.


Note:  All RunCloud You will have access to the features for 14 days free of charge. After that, you must purchase them. Pro To use all features of the previous version, you can download Version

You Visit RunCloud Click on this link to plan:


6 RunCloud Confige Server 1 scaled


5) In Step 5, run PUTTY and then enter root environment. Copy the following command from section 2 into root environment.


7 Server Installation Completed scaled


6) The The first step in creating a website is complete, which involves adding a server.

Note: Do Don’t forget to save your username, password and password of MySQL. NotePad

The The second section will consist of:

Add Web Application To RunCloud

10 RunCloud Server Environment 1 scaled


1) As You can clearly see that the installation of server was done via putty. If you visit the site again, the scene will be the same as before. Web ApplicationClick on the Web Application Option on the left of the third subsection:


11 RunCloud Web Application


2) By Enter the Web Application section, We You will need to click the Create Web App option in the upper right section. After that we’ll enter a page with all the available options for creating an account. Web App:


12 RunCloud PHP 1


3) Here We You have two options to make your new website. Web Application, PHP and WordPress; let’s get start it with PHP:



4) According In the video, you can see how we select our name, username and domain names for the PHP. Web App:

Note: It’s better to select the newer version of the PHP

Note: We You can make a difference Domain NameThis tutorial is not intended to be complete.


13 RunCloud PHP 2 scaled


5) After After installing the PHP web app, you will see the following scene. We Click on the Web Application Option On Click the link at the top to enter the Web Application Page.


14 RunCloud PHP Web Application


6) At This is the next step We You will need to click the provided link. green boxClick here to visit our website


15 RunCloud PHP Web Application installed


7) Final step; If A page similar to the one shown in the photograph indicates your website is available under. RunCloud:

Let’s go; NowWe’re ready to make use of our RunCloud website.


Note: You Also, you can make a WordPress website similar to PHP Web Application Described in the preceding sections


OkI Saw All Of That, But Still Take A Question:

RunCloud Is Used Just For Creating Website?

In In addition, a website is created. Ron CloudYou can also get the following benefits.

  • Using Free SSL starting at LetInscribing to sEncrypt RunCloud
  • Beautiful File Manager Cloud Editor
  • Server Health Check Slack Notification
  • Service Management

Is RunCloud Safe?

Do Don’t worry Run Cloud You can use security with ease If There is no doubt about its security RunCloudTo view the link, please click here; This Security is everything RunWith CLoud you can feel confident about the site’s security.



RunCloud Being SaaS (Software as a Service)Software You can also use it as an a ServiceYou can use this to manage your server easily RunCloud. Have you ever used RunCloud? Do You think this can be helpful considering all of the above? If If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

You We welcome your comments in the next section.

Let Let us know if the article was enjoyed. That’s the only way we can improve

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