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Sometimes you need to convert one file format to another. Such a need arises for storing and compressing source files or for submitting documents to a specific organization. In this article, we will talk about three ways that will allow you to quickly convert the jpg format to pdf.

Why convert files to PDF

As a standardization and cost savings, some companies prefer to use a single format for text and image files. This approach eliminates the need to install dozens of programs on each computer. And you still do not need to spend money on the purchase of a license. Therefore, some companies can only accept documents, applications and other information in PDF format.

As a universal format for work, PDF is used. The format allows you to store different types of documents, images and other data in a file. Also store marginal notes. Also, establish protection for the preservation of confidential information, which is useful for financial and state institutions, small firms and large companies.

How to make pdf from jpg

There are three ways to convert a JPG to PDF file:

  1. Online services.
  2. PC software.
  3. Android apps.

Cloud services – The best option for infrequently converting files. The conversion does not require installation of programs, purchase and registration of keys, etc. Enough internet access. Significant disadvantages of this method are the restriction on the number of conversions per day, the conversion speed and the possibility of leakage of confidential information.

PC software relevant for regular file conversion. The utility is useful for bulk archiving and converting several formats into one. The presence of the Internet is usually not required, but for access to some functions of the programs you need a “registration key”, which is distributed on a paid basis.

Android apps suitable for lack of access to a computer. Such programs will be a good alternative to a PC, and also come down for temporary or permanent file conversion.

Method 1: online services

There are a lot of cloud converters in the network, for example jpg2pdf or ilovepdf. The principle of operation is the same, but registration is not required. To convert, just specify a JPG file, and then wait for the conversion to complete. Some services work automatically, so they don’t need an additional click on a button to start converting the file.

Some services allow you to save the converted file on the device or send it to the cloud drive. To increase the number of conversions per day, registration or a paid subscription to a specific tariff plan may be required.

In addition, the added files can be stored for some time on the server of the service, which allows you to copy information. Most cloud services guarantee confidentiality and deletion of records in the short term, which is not possible to verify. Therefore, it is worth considering other conversion methods to eliminate possible data leakage.

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Method 2: PC software

We examined the utilities for working with PDF files in the article “A program for reading PDFs”. The programs presented in the article allow you to convert JPG to PDF, add and combine several of the same or different types of file formats. For conversion, it is enough to add the necessary images in the program window, and then save the file in PDF.

Desktop programs reduce the likelihood of disclosing confidential information during conversion. They increase the speed of data archiving, as well as allow you to organize information in a specific order. Also, programs are useful for slow or unstable Internet access.

Usually the basic capabilities of programs are enough to convert files, which eliminates the need to purchase a license. To edit and access some other functions, you need to buy a “key”. Therefore, when choosing a program, the initial functionality, the cost of the license and additional features after registration should be taken into account.

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Window of the program Adobe Reader XI.

Method 3: Android apps

Mobile applications allow you to convert finished JPG images to PDF documents directly on your smartphone or tablet. And also scan and convert files from the camera. For example, take a picture of a help or a document, if necessary, process the picture and get a ready-made PDF file at the output. Applications suitable for this purpose: Scanbot | PDF Scanner, Adobe Scan, Scanner and PDF Converter, Genius Scan – PDF Scanner, CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator. These and other similar programs you can download for free from our application catalog.

Another scanner function is embedded in the cloud storage program – Google Drive. The application allows you to convert jpg photo to pdf with image preprocessing. Moreover, if necessary, it is easy to save several pictures in a PDF file. And the finished document will automatically appear in the cloud drive, which will allow you to send the file by indicating the appropriate link in the message. For detailed instructions, see the subsection “Scanning programs”.


Now you know how to make PDF from JPG. The knowledge gained is useful in order to convert the image into a document for sending to the appropriate organization, for archiving data and organizing several images into one file. The latter is relevant for previously scanned books and other materials.

Do you use the conversion of JPG to PDF? Share in the comments for what purpose you need to convert the image into a document.

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