How To Convert CentOS To CloudLinux 10

NowadayscPanel, the most widely used hosting platform control panel allows you to easily manage hundreds of websites, according to your resources. Now Imagine how many websites could be infected, and what happens if other websites are infected from the same server.

This Clouds are everywhereLinux OS is here. CloudLinux It is possible to CentOSA web-based operating system with some capabilities to limit and isolate each script or website. It It is possible install CloudLinux OS can be started from the base or it’s possible to change CentOS CloudLinux.

Prerequisites To Install CloudLinux On CentOS 7

  1. A cPanel based Linux Server With CentOS 7 OS
  2. Server Root SSH Access
  3. An IP Based License Or Trial CloudLinux License Code

In This tutorial will show you how to convert CentOS CloudLinux. To Do this and connect to your Linux Server via SSHPuttyRun these commands: Consider that if you don’t have one, you should buy VPS and use the tutorial to install CloudLinux Starting at 0.

Steps To Convert CentOS cPanel To CloudLinux cPanel

Step 1: If The wget was not installed install Use the following command to do it. Wget This tool allows you to access files using FTP or HTTP. Linux systems.

# Yum install Wget

Step2: Download The CloudLinux Use the following command to install OS.

# wget



Step 3: Important. If If you are a licensee with IP-based rights, the following commands will be executed install CloudLinux More CentOS.

# sh Cldeploy-i

Important. If you don’t have an IP-based license, try to get a trial CloudLinux Then, license the program and run this command. Remember You can place your license key yourself instead of mine. CL-tlGetCgqDToQAqUIqEdKtGJj.

# sh cldeploy -k CL-tlGetCgqDToQAqUIqEdKtGJj

Once After the installation has been completed, the following message will appear.


CloudLinux installation finished


Step 4: Reboot Use the following command to start the server

# Reboot

You To be certain, you can also inspect the distro of the server following installation. CloudLinux With CentOS.

# cat /etc/*release


check server release



As As you can see, the switch from CentOS CloudLinux OS was simple. If If you encounter an error during the final step of installation, simply rerun installation commands and the file will be successfully installed. If You can also ask the questions and other queries in our comments section.

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