Google’s Wear OS developer preview gets dark UI, lots of battery savings
Google’s Wear OS designer preview gets UI that is dark of battery savings 13

Android Wear showed just a little bit of life a few weeks ago when it was rebranded to “Wear OS by Google,” and today it’s getting a new Developer Preview based on Android P. Besides the upgrade to a newer version of Android, there are a few features that are new in Google’s article.

First, Google is switching to a default “Dark UI system theme.” While Android os Wear 1.0 sported Google’s typical background that is white black text, Android Wear 2.0 did a good job of making everything pretty dark. This will probably clean some odds up and ends that nevertheless had a white back ground.

Background task for apps will be restricted very nearly entirely. Google flatly states that “apps will no longer be allowed to run in the background unless the watch is on the charger” and informs designers to “remove background services” from their apps. It is difficult to produce a good example of a “background” functionality for an Android Wear application. Drive notifications should really be unaffected, and apps like physical fitness trackers or music players that produce an notification that is ongoingn’t count as “background” apps. There’s an exemption for watch faces and complications that are add-in too.

To further enhance battery pack life, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile radios will power down if the view detects its not on your own wrist. This might be basically “airplane mode” and can disconnect the watch totally from the Internet when you aren’t wearing it.

The real shock for this Android Wear developer preview is the device compatibility. The device that is only works together with could be the Huawei Watch 2 (available in “regular” and “Classic” designs). The flagship that is current of Wear OS market is the Android Wear 2.0 launch device, the LG Watch Sport. This device was designed as a collaboration between LG and Google, which is proudly spelled out on the box via a “Designed with our friends at Google” slogan. Any Android Wear observer would have expected the device with Google co-branding to get the developer preview, but instead, it is only compatible with Huawei’s completely smartwatch that is forgettable. Both watches are about a old, so age doesn’t seem to be an issue year. It’s just a mystery that is complete

You can install the Wear OS preview the Huawei Watch 2 right here. There is an emulator image available through Android os SDK. None of those modifications appears like the improvement that is big use OS requires, and there is nevertheless no major brand new equipment beingshown to people there that people learn about. At the very least it is one thing, though.

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