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If If you’re a frequent user of this software, it is likely that you only deal with the consumer version. Windows For example, the operating system Windows 8.10 or Windows 11). But You may or might not realize it, Microsoft Also available in presents Windows Server It can be used as an independent operating system. In This article will be more focused on the version of Windows How it is different from the Windows You’re currently using.

Windows Server Versions of Microsoft’s Windows Operating system specially designed for installation and operation on servers Because Many companies, offices and organizations have computer networks of large and medium size. They use servers to manage and service hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of computers.

ThereforeThe operating system that is installed on the servers should have all the capabilities and facilities necessary to respond and manage the network. Windows Server This is most commonly used in enterprise and business suites. But What are its features? Windows How is VPS different than regular versions and so-called “VPS”? Windows desktops?

Windows Server This virtual host has a powerful operating system and allows you to access all the servers. By You can get a virtualization server that is as powerful and resourceful as a dedicated server for a fraction of the cost. You Can install The Windows Connect it to the remote desktop and you can manage all your programs with no restrictions.


What ItYou can find it here Windows Server?


Microsoft Special Offers The Windows Operating System  Numerous TypesTwo Of The Most Common Of Which These are:

Standard WindowsFor personal Computers
Windows Server Oder Windows VPSDedicated To Server Computers

Ordinary Windows While they have many commonalities in their peer to-peer windows, their applications differ. Regular Versions of Windows This includes Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Windows 11.) Are designed to support everyday office and personal work, and have limited hardware.

Computer running regular versions of Windows It is ideal for programming, graphics, internet browsing, keyboarding, and other household, corporate and office tasks. Standard Windows Even small home networks with up to 20 nodes can be used. But Standard is best if you are using a server rather than a regular computer, and your network has a large number of connections. Windows They will not meet your requirements.

Servers are usually powerful computers that serve clients on the network (clients, computer users, or other devices receiving services from a server). Servers You may have many clients and have to do heavy work. The Greater power comes from a larger network with more complicated mechanisms and heavier networks. The Server Must be.

ThereforeThe operating system that was installed on the Server You must be able to support server hardware, and you should have the ability to manage multiple networks and computers. So, Buy Windows VPS, because it was designed for that purpose. For You can find more information about servers and the types of them at what? Server is.


PreInstallation requirements Windows Server


To install You Windows Your VPS server Server This requires that at the very least you possess all of the necessary hardware. Windows. If You want to install Windows Server 2019 Servers must contain at least one piece of hardware that meets the following requirements:

  • A 1.4GHz processor, 64-bit architecture
  • 512MB RAM
  • Hard Drive or primary storage space of 32GB capacity
  • A monitor that has a minimum resolution not less than 1.024 by 768 pixels.
  • Strong internet connection or a good DSL & ADSL connection

DefinitelyThis kind of hardware will give you a turtle speed. install. StillIt is important to understand the installation requirements if you wish to get a fast version. Windows Server Here are the 2019 predictions:

  • Processor With a minimum processing speed of 2 GHz (our emphasis is greater);
  • The RAM of more than 2GB
  • Preferably SATA storage
  • Monitors with minimum resolution of 1 024 by 768 pixels (LED monitors are appropriate).
  • An incredibly strong Internet connection or a good DSL & ADSL connection;
  • Network Access with 1GB Ethernet Network card


Some Windows VPS Features


1. Windows Server Software for enterprise management


Because Windows Server It is ideal for enterprise and large business environments. Some These are some of the highlights of Windows Server For this purpose, the following are suggested:

Active Directory: Active Directory It is an essential feature of any organization. Windows VPS includes several services to help manage computers and network equipment. The Network administrator Active Directory To create domains or users, and to grant various permissions.

For They can, for example, place several users who have the same task in the group. The permissions can be set so they only can access certain directories. Server. Active Directory This is crucial for organizing large amounts of users in large networks.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP): The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), automatically assigns an unique IP address for each device on the network. If DHCP can be used to automate the setting of the IP addresses for each device on the network. DHCP speeds up the addressing process and eliminates duplicate IP addresses allocation.

File Server: One example of a file server is a storage facility that can be accessed by multiple networks and users. Large Companies and organisations often require such a feature. This possibility should be anticipated. Windows VPS. Users People with similar jobs can use the internet to share files. File Server They must have all the necessary permissions.

Print Services: With These services allow you to centralize print server tasks and printer tasks across the network. If If a company or organization has many printers, it takes time to configure them all for each computer. But By creating a printer server you can quickly connect to your computers. With With the aid of the printer server you can monitor print queues, and receive notifications to stop processing them.

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS): It is a computer program that acts as a network service and manages patch distribution. Microsoft Products in enterprise and corporate environments Imagine Your network is composed of multiple computers running different operating systems. For Some work can be done with, for example. Windows 7 with Windows 10. Some with Windows 11. Some even include Windows Server.

All These operating systems should be kept up to date in order to protect against cyber attacks. NaturallyIf IT employees wanted to perform manual tasks, this would require a great deal of time. install Update security patches for individual computers But WSUS allows you to automatically install updates on any or all computers, at preset intervals.

These Here are some examples of features Windows Server. Regular Versions of Windows These features are not available in native versions, but they can be added to standard editions. Windows.


2. Windows Server Hardware limitations are less

For For many, RAM is not important. For For example, take the Windows 10 Pro Operating system can accept up to 2 Terabytes RAM. However, most users don’t need more RAM than 32GB.

But Windows Server Supports up to 24 Terabytes RAM With Windows ServerYou can use 64 CPUs concurrently while simultaneously using Windows 10 ProYou can run up to 2 processors simultaneously.

Server Devices in business centres and organizations sometimes offer essential services to thousands or hundreds of users. Therefore, they must be able to run a large amount of computing power. For For example, multiple virtual machines running on a single server must all have sufficient RAM to allow them to work seamlessly together.


3. Windows Server It does not contain unnecessary programs or features

Windows SVPS was designed for extreme work environments. Windows The server version does not include tools. For example, Windows Server 2016. Windows Server 2019 does not include the Edge browser, Microsoft Store, CortanaYou can also call it: Windows 10 peripherals. Programs Like Your Photo They are also unavailable on Windows VPS.

Some Windows To ensure that your applications are compatible with your computer, you should check the following: Windows is standard or a service Because Some Windows Application do not work with Windows Server.

By default, Windows Server It is less than the regular version of Windows. The default browser for Windows Server It is Internet Explorer. StillBecause a hacker attack is more dangerous than an attack on your personal computer, the server has more strict security settings. So Also, the security of the server operating systems must be improved.




These These are the most important things to know before you order a product. Windows VPS. If It is easier to use an app than to perform heavy jobs like managing clients, computing large data or maintaining a website. Windows Server Operating system. If These things are not possible, so it’s not a good idea to stop using them. Windows 10 Windows 11.

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