Apple to suspend iTunes Store support for “obsolete” first-gen Apple TV
Apple to suspend iTunes shop help for “obsolete” first-gen Apple television 13
Enlarge / The first-generation Apple television

A support document from Apple drives another nail into the coffin the initial Apple television, first introduced in 2007. On 25, 2018, first-generation Apple television products will not manage to hook up to the iTunes shop considering security that is new to be implemented by Apple. Any PCs running Windows XP or Windows Vista will also lose access to the most recent version of iTunes.( in addition to first-gen Apple TVs****************)

According towards the document, the “obsolete” initial Apple television defintely won’t be updated later on to aid usage of the iTunes shop. After might 25, users will simply manage to access iTunes on second-generation Apple TVs and more recent devices that are streaming

The same security changes affecting the first-gen Apple TV will also affect Windows XP and Vista machines. Users on such devices can run previous versions still of iTunes, so that they should nevertheless be capable play their music collection without dilemmas.

However, impacted users defintely won’t be capable make brand new iTunes acquisitions or re-download purchases that are previous. Only machines running Windows 7 or later after May 25 will have access that is full iTunes, such as the capacity to make brand new acquisitions and re-download older acquisitions.

This is company as always for Apple, since it sporadically stops help for older devices—and when it comes to or windows 7 and Vista, older os’s. The first Apple television was initially considered back that is obsolete 2015 when Apple discontinued repair support for the TV set-top box. Devices typically get the “obsolete” title about five to seven years after Apple stops manufacturing that model that is specific

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