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Viber is one of the most popular communication applications in Russia. But despite the popularity, many users know only about the basic functions of the messenger: how to create a chat, find a specific user, call …. At the same time, Viber is a multifunctional platform with a huge number of features, which we will discuss in this article.


Get a local number in another country

Do you often go on business trips or to relatives in another country? Use the “Local Number” service, which allows you to subscribe to a phone number in this country so that any subscribers can call and send you SMS messages at local rates, wherever you are.

How to do it?


Open tab “Still” and click on the “Local Viber Number ». After that you can choose the necessary country and the number itself.

Use all the features of the “desktop” Viber

Viber is not only a mobile messenger, but also a convenient desktop client that can be installed on your MacBook or PC. To keep correspondence confidential even when you leave your computer, activate the desktop lock with a password for the duration of your absence. In addition, in order to save the laptop’s charge and not strain your eyes (especially when working in the dark), you can activate the “night mode” not only in the mobile, but also in the Viber dextop version.

How to do it?

Both functions are available in the menu. Settings in the desktop version of Viber.

Shop directly at Viber

Choose products of your favorite brands without breaking the chat, and discuss them with your friends right in Viber, sending links to an open dialogue.


How to do it?

Under the chat input window, click on package icon (located next to the GIF icon), select the store you are interested in and browse available products, share with friends, and make purchases on the store’s website.

Have a chat vote

One way to gather feedback from your chat buddies is to ask them about it. But then the correspondence can be very long. Viber provides a convenient feature for creating surveys.

How to do it?

Under the chat input window, click on the icon “Create a survey”, enter the question you want to ask, and answer options. After that, click on the button “+”. To add a poll to the chat, click Create.

“Hide” whole chats

Viber uses end-to-end encryption by default, which allows you to be sure that third parties will not get access to correspondence remotely. And in order to hide chats in your phone from prying eyes, you can use “hidden chats”: they do not appear in the general list of conversations, they can be found only through a search using a special PIN code.


How to do it?

  • On iOS: swipe left, select an option “Hide” and enter the chat PIN.
  • On Android: After a long press on the chat name, select “Hide” and enter your PIN.

Free up smartphone memory

Media files from Viber chats are saved to the smartphone’s memory by default. Some users like this feature – thanks to it, all the photos and videos from Viber remain at hand even when there is no access to the Internet. But if your smartphone’s priority is your priority, automatic file saving can be easily turned off.


How to do it?

Open “Settings” – “Data and Multimedia” and select the option “Limit traffic”.

Send disappearing messages

One of the most popular features of many applications, for example Instagram, is sending photos and videos that disappear after a certain time after they are opened. There is a similar function in Viber, with a timer for one, three, seven and ten seconds. Thus, you can send messages in any format – text, video, photo, etc.


How to do it?

When sending a photo, click on the pencil icon, and then select the icon with a crossed out alarm.

Send the chat archive to your e-mail

If you need to save all correspondence that you made in the application, you can send the text of Viber chats to your e-mail.

How to do it?

Go to “Settings” – “Calls and Messages” – “Send Message Log”.

Save battery

So that users can always receive messages from friends and relatives, Viber has the function “Always in touch”, which supports the transmission of encrypted messages via Wi-Fi when mobile communication disappears. If you turn it off, your smartphone will consume less battery power.

How to do it?

Follow the route “Settings” – “General” – “Wi-Fi standby time » and disable the option “Always in touch”by selecting “Default”.

Hide the list of your applications from contacts

Many of the applications that you install on your smartphone are automatically synchronized with Viber – which means that your contacts can access information that you play Candy Crush in your free time. If this bothers you, hide the application data from your friends.

How to do it?

Go to “Settings” – “Privacy” and deactivate the item “Uses the application”.

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